Where To Have Brunch This Weekend Based On Your Star Sign

By Sophia McMeekin
30th Mar 2018


After a few years of cosmic chaos (baiiiii, 2017), 2018 marks a period of relative astrological calm. It’s a time for rest and reflection, and what place to do it than over brunch.

Luckily our in-house astrologist has an eggs bene’ problem, so has been helpfully consulting the cosmos to find out which Brisbane brunch destination you’re destined for this weekend.

Aries | Miss Jones

Aries, you egomaniac. You love being seen out and about at the hippest new brekkie spot with your squad in tow, so make a bee-line for social-media darling Miss Jones and get ‘gramming.

Taurus | The Cheese Pleaser

Your life motto is ‘treat yo’ self’, and indulging is your thang, Taurus, so get yourself to decadence heaven AKA The Cheese Pleaser pronto. A delicatessen and fromagerie (did your greedy little ears just perk up?) gorge yourself on their signature 4 cheese toastie, and, don’t forget, you’re prone to food envy so take a mate who’s willing to share. 

Gemini | Grown

Maybe the tiniest bit prone to drama (hehe), and kind of restless, any café you deem worthy to brunch at is going to have to work to keep your attention, Gem. New vegan café, Grown has the necessary wow factor to appease your superficial side. Using locally, sustainably sourced produce from Food Connect, and featuring dishes like a homemade hashbrown, and tofu toastie with sesame cashew cheese, we think you’ll be happy here.

Cancer | Nana & Da’s

While your natural inclination may be towards Uber Eats, we’re going to push your homebody butt out of your comfort zone and suggest you actually leave the house this weekend, Cancer. (That said, you can still bring your fam’.) Fit out like your Gran’s living room, Nana & Da’s is the perfect Brisbane brunch spot for the type who likes to feel like they never left the house at all—except they can poach an egg much better than your mum can.

Leo | Gauge

Leo, you’d never let anyone else choose the brunch destination, so you’d better make sure your pick’s a good’in. And nothing says ‘unshakeable confidence’ like one of Brisbane’s most avant-garde brunch spots, Gauge. A completely unique, produce driven menu and chic industrial space make for an impressive breakfast.

Virgo | King Arthur

Ever logical and reliable, you wouldn’t dream of being late for a brunch date, Virgo. However, your love of details and can make you an, ahem, picky brunch partner. That’s why you’ll appreciate King Arthur’s thoughtful, seasonal menu —there’s not an ingredient out of place here.

Libra | Dandelion & Driftwood

As one look at your Instagram grid would show, aesthetics are important to you, little Libra. You need a brunch spot that’s sophisticated, flirty, but with limited menu items to curb’ your complete inability to make decisions of any kind. Enter Brisbane café royalty, Dandelion & Driftwood: a chic, old-school café in Brisbane’s north with an impressive coffee pedigree and a simple menu that pleases they eye as much as the tastebuds.

Scorpio | The New Black

Ah, Scorpio. We’d hate you if you weren’t so damn sexy. Trust your spirit café, The New Black, to be the cool kid on the block no one’s even heard of yet. Expect hip takes on breakfast faves on the menu, like avo in toast with kimchi and yuzu, or a bowl of Brekky ramen. Call me xx

Sagittarius | Street Lab Specialty Coffee

Toned, perky, novelty loving Sags will be frothing over new coffee house, Street Lab, a café, roaster, and street wear store rolled into one. Peruse the limited edition sneakers while you nosh down on the likes of brekky muffins, granola, and cruffins, paired with some of Brisbane’s best coffee.

Capricorn | Clancy’s

Caps will be loving the clean Scandi lines and sparse but satisfying menu at new café, Clancy’s in Norman Park. A simple breakfast line up of pastries and bagels takes the guess work out of ordering — a plus for your unimaginative nature — while affording you the sense of power and clear direction you so badly crave.

Aquarius | Josie North

A true original who’s guaranteed to make your day better, Aquarius is the star sign to trust to take you to the best new spot in town (just don’t argue with them about where exactly that is or you might lose a limb). But there’s no arguing with the appeal of Toowong’s Josie North, a coffee lovers heaven with a no-fuss menu that’s quietly impressive.

Pisces | Lewin Street Store

You love a good chat, Pisces, so find a brunch venue where you can bunker down for a few hours and you’ll be happy as a fish in water. Lewin Street Store has the kind of easy, comfortable surrounds and great coffee that turns acquaintances into friends and will have you ready to get down to life’s big questions before your toast has popped.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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