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Where To Study A New Language In Brisbane

By Phoebe Grealy
7th Apr 2018


Let me guess, one of your new year’s resolutions was to study French, Spanish, Italian, or some other dialect? Speaking the local language while adventuring around Machu Picchu or chatting up the barman in Florence makes life 100 per cent more fun, but goddamn, actually putting in the effort to learn the language is not easy.

If you’re wanting to come good on your resolution, I hate to say it, but it might be time to step back into the classroom where a real-life teacher can keep you accountable. Here’s a list of Brisbane’s best language schools to help you hit the books and learn that language stat, no excuses.

Lingua Franca


Does sitting around a communal table drinking wine and eating bon bons while learning French sound like a language lesson you could get behind? If so, say bonjour to Lingua Franca in Newstead where you can do just that! Run by the fabulous Francophile Katrina Waugh, Lingua Franca classes are fun, practical and focus on all the important stuff: French food, wine, and cinema!

The Spanish Cat

Brisbane CBD

The Spanish Cat language school is centrally located on Adelaide Street in the Brisbane CBD and offers a fun, helpful and well-paced introduction to Spanish, right up to full-on advanced classes. The teachers hail from all over the Spanish speaking world – Mexico, Spain, Chile – making the cultural exchange all the more fun. Conveniently, there are plenty of classes throughout the week, so you can just dive in.

Alliance Francaise

West End

The famed Alliance Francaise in West End is the home to all things French. With absolute beginners’ classes all the way up to being basically fluent, this is a school that can take you to the top. There’s also a great café next door to cater to all your caffeinating needs before, during and after class.

Institute of Modern Languages

University of Queensland

Want to extend beyond the usual language suspects and get more niche? Well the IML at the University of Queensland is where to look. With courses in everything from Vietnamese, to Russian, to Indonesian, to Hindi, you’ll be multi-lingual in no time.

Spanish Learning Centre

Highgate Hill

Travelling around South America and need to up your language chops on the double? Head straight for the Spanish Learning Centre’s Travellers Classes immediately. Based in Highgate Hill, the Spanish Learning Centre is easy to get to, but if that’s too much effort – book in for a one on one Skype class from the comfort of your own home!

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