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Who To Follow On Instagram

By Kim Barnard
24th Feb 2013

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I had the following conversation recently:

Me: 'WAIT! Don't eat that! I have to Instagram it first.'

Personwhoshallremainnameless: 'What's Instagram?'

Me: [Shocked and appalled] 'What do you mean?'

PWSRN: 'I don't know what it is.'

Me: Are you some kind of hermit? Some kind of socially-reclusive, new-media-phobic, loser? How are people expected to see how good this breakfast looks if you don't show them? You expect me to believe you just order your food and then eat it? AND THAT'S IT?

PWSRN: My eggs are getting cold.

Now, as much as I would like to assert that this little interaction is a fabrication, I cannot. It happened, and so to avoid a repeat of the situation, let's break it down for the newbies, shall we?

Instagram is like Facebook without the inane 'I just did the dishes' updates, Twitter with photos, and Google Plus with… fun. You sign up, follow people you'd like to stalk see more of (friends, celebrities, or randoms) and then you're on your way to a whole world of filtering, tagging, hashtagging fun.

Whether you're just new to Instagram, or a seasoned pro, I've put together a list of some people you should follow to kickstart your new obsession.

There are a tonne of Aussies with stellar Instagram feeds. Here are our some of our favourites. 

Blonde Venus

Blonde Venus Instagram

Who they are | Long-time Brisbane fashion boutique, with some of the best fashion around.

What you'll see | Fashion, bands, and random happy snaps.

Angle Diamond Dot

Angle Diamond Dot Instagram

Who they are | Brisbane-based jewellery designers.

What you'll see | Quotes, fashion, and cute shots from the girls' rockin' jewellery line.


Calexico Instagram

Who they are | James St women's fashion boutique stocking covetable designer threads from all over.

What you'll see | New stock, quotes, and fashion inspiration.


camargue instagram

Who they are | Iconic Brisbane Fashion retailer, providing high-end, designer fashion to the Brisbane fashion pack.

What you'll see | Beautiful clothes and in-store antics.

Hamish and Andy

Hamish and andy instagram

Who they are | Aussie comedy duo, most famous for their radio show, and dating Megan Gale (Andy).

What you'll see | Funny selfies and random hilarious antics.

Matt Moran

Matt Moran instagram

Who he is | Top Australian Chef and owner of Aria Brisbane (and Sydney) and Riverbar + Kitchen

What you'll see | Latest menu offerings and foodie events.


Ksubi instagram

Who they are | Cutting-edge Australian fashion label for guys and gals.

What you'll see | The clothes, the shoots, the fun.

Samantha Ogilvie

Samantha Ogilvie Instagram

Who they are | Brisbane women's fashion boutique stocking some of the world's best designers and a mix of luxe basics, timeless classics, and special-occasion pieces.

What you'll see | New to Instagram, the account is just getting started, but expect to see new arrivals, plus other inspiration from the fashion world.

Keen for some escapism? Check out some of the most entertaining celebs on the 'gram.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Instagram

Who he is | Mega celebrity chef, and all-round awesome dude (we imagine).

What you'll see | Lots of food and family.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Instagram

Who he is | Late-night talk-show host, Tina Fey's buddy, and funny man.

What you'll see | Jimmy being Jimmy. And lots of weird stuff.

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel Instagram

Who she is | Super-cute American actress of New Girl (and Almost Famous!) fame. 

What you'll see | Selfies, celebrity pals, and nails. Lots of nails.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Instagram

Who she is | Supermodel. Victoria's Secret Angel. Orlando Bloom's wife. B#%ch.

What you'll see | Selfies, quotes, and model shots that will make you never want to eat again.


Oprah Instagram

Who she is | Oprah. Duh.

What you'll see | Celebs galore and lots of sweet home shots (looking good, Stedman!).

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Instagram

Who he is | Dreamboat. Oh, and he acts a bit.

What you'll see | Behind-the-scenes on set, snaps with fans, and just general adorableness.

Stacey Keibler

Stacy Keibler Instagram

Who she is | Pro wrestler and George Clooney's latest squeeze.

What you'll see | Lots of makeup getting done, gal pal shots, and... yeah. But, hey, until George gets on Instagram this will have to do.

Joel Madden

Joel Madden Instagram

Who he is | Lead singer of Good Charlotte, married to Nicole Richie, much-love judge on The Voice.

What you'll see | Selfies, rad hats, tats and twinsy shots.

Paul F Tompkins

Paul F Tompkins

Who he is | Amercian comedian and writer.

What you'll see | Celebrities galore and general hilariousness.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake instagram

Who he is | Singer, actor, and ex-Backstreet Boy.

What you'll see | Black and white JT.

After something a bit left of centre?


Nasa instagram

Who they are | NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

What you'll see | Space, weather, and lots of stars. Awesome.



What is is | Cute shots of Pugs. Awww.

What you'll see | Cute shots of Pugs.


Nerdist Instagram

Who they are | Chris Hardwick, from uber-site, Nerdist. King of all things nerdy.

What you'll see | Random funnies and geeks galore.


What is it | Dogs about town. 

What you'll see | Big hairy friends. Local to Brisbane, of course. 

Who have we missed? Let us know, below!

Need more social media inspiration? Check out our guides for Who to follow on Twitter and Pinterest.

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