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WIN A Philips Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening Treatment Worth Over $500!

By Katie Stow
30th Aug 2017

There are lots of little things that make you feel that extra bit confident: when your new haircut is on point or if you're having a great skin day for example. But nothing brings those fresh AF feels quite like looking in the mirror and seeing a set of Insta-white teeth gleaming back at you.

You might have heard of Philips Zoom in-chair whitening, but (like us) either had a million questions, and/or put it in the "can't afford" basket. Well, good news: the team at Vital Dental Care in Camp Hill has put all our fears to rest! Have a read here to find out everything you need to know (including what the experience is like from start to finish) and if it's the cash side of things stopping you, well, we've got your back there too. Vital Dental Care's current Philips Zoom price of $549 is much more do-able than most others around, not to mention you can also get $50 cash back from Philips Zoom until December!

But one of you lucky things will get to experience the ultimate pearly whites for FREE. Just enter your details below for the chance to win a Philips Zoom in-chair teeth whitening service at Vital Dental Care!

Click here for terms and conditions. Good luck!

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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