Winter Beauty Fixes

By Sophia McMeekin
27th Jun 2013

Winter can leaving you feeling, to quote TLC, so damn unpretty. Your legs don't see the sun for months, the wind plays havoc with your skin, and your lips become about as kissable as a cactus. With that in mind, here are our go-to remedies for all your winter beauty traumas.

The Problem: Hot Showers

It's a vicious cycle. Hot showers feel like the best idea in the world when you can't feel your toes, but all steamy water is drying your skin out (picture a lobster in a boiling pot of water. You're the lobster—not a good look.)

To remedy this problem, keep the water temp' as cold as you can bear it, and—here's a big surprise—moisturising is key. Indulge in something whipped and delicious, to treat you skin to some much needed salve, with the Butter Yourself Body Cream by Soap & Glory, from Mecca Cosmetica.

After showering, we highly recommend slathering yourself in an oil concoction that's good enough to eat. Coconut oil is big right now, because you can cook with it and rub it all over your body (and apparently it has anti-fungal qualities. Mmm.) We like the Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Aclara Health, available from Sun and Earth Organics. Or, for something slight less edible, but equally moisturising, we're loving the Rose hip body Oil by KORA organics.

The Problem: Flaky Skin (ew)

During the winter months, when your shine factor is decidedly less, your summer cleanser may be a little too effective in removing essential oils (read: it's drying your face out).  Switch out your summer cleanser for a creamy winter wash and your skin will thank you (and be a whole lot softer). The Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser from Aesop is gentle enough to keep you soft but delivers that signature Aesop fresh, clean feeling.

The best way to beat that my-skin-hasn't-seen-the-sun-for-months feeling is to scrub it away. In winter you should exfoliate at least twice a week, focusing on the most ravaged areas of your bod, like the legs and arms. Keep this regimen up and you'll be a new woman come spring (well, at the very least, you'll have a fresh new layer of epidermis). We recommend the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste from Aesop for a good scrub.

Winter winds are going to dry your skin and lips to the point of cracking during the day, so you should up the moisture while you're sleeping to repair all that damage. Apply a rich moisturiser at night so skin has a chance to repair. The Anti-redness lotion for sensitive skin: We love the Chantecaille Healing Emulsion from Mecca Cosmetica, formulated for touchy skin. Its anti-redness properties will soothe and calm inflamed winter skin, so you'll wake up looking like a winter princess, not the abominable snowman. 

The Problem: Cracked Lips

This one is pretty self-explanatory. When the wind picks up, those baby-soft kissers take a hike. Bring in a trusted staple to save those lips, like Kiehl's lip balm #1 from Mecca Cosmetica, or Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm from Biome.

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