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thank you for the ultimate legend LOVE....




“Ellie always has her finger on the pulse and runs things like a boss”

“What did we do before Ellie??!! She is on top of everything, all of the time - which is no mean feat considering how much she needs to be across!”

“Bossdog!!! I can't give her enough votes. Thank you for the hard work and never complaining”

“Just an absolute machine. Everyone can learn a little something from that kind of work ethic”

“There is no-one more organised and on top of everything”

“Running meetings, keeping people accountable and generally being across all the things! Legend!”

“Always finds time for anything you put on her desk and is so bloody organised”




Alyce: For hitting the ground running and bringing an awesome attitude always

Armelle: Who grows an audience by 30% in a single month. THIS GIRL! What an absolute superstar. Smashing it, Armelle!

AT: Straight back from Japan and back on top of things immediately, legend! 

Blair: This guy bleeds U:L. He is always thinking about how we can be better and stronger, while also singing our praises and celebrating all that's great about the place. What a dude. 

Blake: You instantly bring a vibe and the laughs, so hard working and such a genuinely great guy

Boldo: The guy has a lot on his plate all the time, yet he still finds the time to have fun with us! 

Brad: Brad, you're so deserving of this role and are going to do an epic job. So excited for all of us! 

Brooke: The GC results have been off the charts amazing lately and that's down to Brooke's hard work and understanding of her audience. Killin' it, lady!

BT: Ben is always so cool, calm and collected despite 10036 different things on his plate at any one time. Luv ya work, BT!

Claire: Claire always comes to our content WIP armed with really thoughtful and insightful content trends that are so useful for the whole gang!

Dan: So lovely to deal with all the time, nothing you ask is too big or too small for him. Just an all-round great guy

Elise: Being so proactive in driving positive change, and always supporting her team — personally and professionally. You're a champion, Elise! 

Emily: For nailing your first month at Urban List and making it rain on our QLD patch. 

Georgie: This qween has absolutely been slaying campaigns and commanding the room during client KO's. She is honestly killing it, love working with her

Ioana: Hit the ground running as Perth Editor like a goddam content Queen!

Isaac: For jumping on tasks with zero notice to meet client deadlines, bloody legend

Bestie: Always looking out for others in the team. 

Jess W: I don't think we have ever missed a benchmark in NZ to date because of Jess. 

Kate M: Kate has absolutely smashed the branded content guidelines. Tackled them like a total boss. Thank you so much! 

Kate V: I don't know what I'd do without her! Saving me every damn day!

Leah:  Asking the right questions and committing to the pre and post sales process. She's nailing it!

Liddle: Really working closely with his team, and his stakeholders across the whole biz, to make sure that things are delivered and on point. Thanks Liddle! 

Liv: You’ve been here for a heartbeat and are absolutely smashing it already, Liv! Amazing job. 

Lizzy: I am so proud of you Lizzy for what you are doing in your new role. Keep going!

Marissa: For coming in with the best attitude and booking new money in her first 2 weeks!
Morgs: What did we ever do before we had a Lifestyle Editor?!?! Morgs is killing it across her three verticals smile

Prue: A bundle of energy and hype - love it when she's in town!

Ranyhyn: Ra has worked so hard to get her Facebook engagement and traffic up and all her hard work is paying off because she is killing it!

Ree: She fuels me with lollies and coffee and honestly that's the kind of queen i need in my life

Sam: There is literally nothing Sam isn't willing to do. He is so swamped all the time but always finds the time to help others. He's kind and modest and we could all learn to be a bit more like Sam!

Sammy P: For always putting her hand up to help with everything. Such a caring nd awesome member of our content gang!

Soph B: Always putting her hand up to help a girl out, and with a smile on her face the whole time! Thank you for being you

Soph H: For always delivering the goods on campaigns. We love you!

Soddo: She kills it on the daily 

SG: She is always pushing me to think outside the box and be more creative. What an inspiration!

Tess: For always remembering to give credit where credit's due, and bringing the vibes. smile

Tilly: This girl is continue to slay each and every day!