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10 Must-Have Slogan Tees That Are Here To Save The Planet

By Sammy Preston
17th Jun 2019

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June is Sustainability Month at Urban List, and we’re challenging everyone out there to make small changes in their day-to-day to inspire big, positive change in the world around us: every effort really does count.

On that note, now is the right time to wear your heart on your sleeve and send a clear message about the oceans, forests, cities and planet you want to see in the future. Fashion is not known for its environmentally centred credentials, but there are brands, organisations, designers and creatives out there striving to make a difference and change the way we think about, shop, wear and re-wear our clothes. 

Make a stand and shop this edit of 10 world-saving slogan tees from sustainably minded brands. 

Editor's Pick: CHNGE Teach Peace Long Sleeve Tee


Shop it here. 

HoMie A Label For The Streets Tee


Shop it here. 

Ryder State Fish Tee


Shop it here.

Kowtow Single Use Planet Tee


Shop it here. 

WWF Panda Tee


Shop it here.

Pangaia Protect The Species Kemp's Ridley Turtle Tee


Shop it here.

Patagonia Responsibili-tee


Shop it here. 

Vivienne Westwood Buy Less Choose Well Tee


Shop it here. 

Lonely Kids Lockout Tee


Shop it here. 

Wales Bonner You Must Centre Tee


Shop it here. 


Editor's note: This article includes links to our affiliate partner websites. 

Design credit: Sarah Law. 

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