Do Good By Mum And The Planet One Greeting Card At A Time This Mother’s Day

By Rick Stephens
23rd Apr 2021

A well-dressed mother embracing her child in the street.

Remember endlessly perusing the newsagent’s pithy, overpriced greeting card offering come 24 hours before Mother’s Day? What was available was generally lackluster, and what was left after the shelves being ravaged days before were just borderline inappropriate. There is an easier way, though. It’s called Feel Good Ink, and you’ll not only be keeping Mum happy but you’ll be doing some serious good out in the world, too.

First up, Feel Good Ink do digital greeting cards, and they do them adorned with gags you wish you came up with—and without that Hallmark humour of yesteryear. But aside from bringing the good vibes, Feel Good Ink’s greeting cards are supporting various charities across the country by donating $2.50 of the $5 card cost.

Once you’ve created your card over at Feel Good Ink, you select where $2.00 of the donation goes to. There are a heap of great charities to choose from, including but not limited to Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, The Lighthouse Foundation, and the organisation supporting children, young adults and their families living through cancer treatment, Koala Kids. Wondering where that .50c is going? Feel Good Ink is sharing the love and sending that halfa dollar to a charity of their choice. Nice one.

So, you’ve kept Mum happy, you’ve lent a helping hand to those who need it most, but by sending a digital greeting card you’re also doing good for another mother, Mother Earth, that is. You see, on average Australians buy 22 greeting cards each a year, and one tree makes around 3000 traditional greeting cards, so that’s about one tree per 136 people. Yep, that’s some serious math but all you really need to know is that you’ll be saving the planet one 136th of a tree at a time by going digital.

Feel Good Ink aren’t exclusive to just Mum’s Day well-wishes, either. Birthdays, babies, Christmas and congratulations are all on the cards—figuratively and literally. 

Create your Feel Good Ink Card, and feel damn good about it, here.

Image credit: Sai DeSilva

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