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The Lady Vanishes Is The New True Crime Podcast To Get Around

By Jessica Best - 23 May 2019

Settle in for good times this weekend because there's a sling of binge-worthy goods you need to cross off your bucket list.

Here's everything you need to binge this weekend.

See You Yesterday

Produced by Spike Lee, See You Yesterday is you easy-to-watch sci-fi adventure film for your weekend relaxation antics. Tune in to high school best friends and science prodigies CJ and Sebastian, who spend every spare minute working on their latest homemade invention: backpacks that enable time travel. But when CJ’s older brother Calvin dies after an encounter with police officers, the young duo decide to put their unfinished tech to use in a desperate bid to save Calvin. Doused in familial love, cultural divides and the universal urge to change the wrongs of the past, this one’s ready to watch on Netflix now.

The Lady Vanishes

If you're looking for a new podcast to fill The Teacher's Pet void in your life, The Lady Vanishes is it. The gem focuses on the disappearance of Gold Coast resident Marion Barter after the much-loved mother, teacher and friend stepped on a plane for an overseas adventure and was never seen again. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are bizarre but her daughter has never given up looking for her. It's already amounted over a million listens in just six weeks so if this podcast wasn't already on your radar, it is now.

The Professional

If you haven’t heard of The Beaches yet, prepare to be mesmerised. The all-female and four-piece rock act straight out of Canada, have released their first body of work, called The Professional, since their debut album (which dropped two years ago) and it’s sonic gold. Strapped with dirty guitars, percussion and behemoth vocals, you’ll absolutely have Lame and Want What You Got on repeat. Head here for the full album.


Fuelling your TV series antics this week should be the neo-noir social thriller What / If. The show explores the ripple effects of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things and we can confirm, it’s a juicy one. The season focuses on a mysterious woman's lucrative but dubious offer to a cash-strapped pair of San Francisco newlyweds. This gem drops on May 24.

Keen for more things entertainment? Head right here for everything you should be across.

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