Get Money Smart In 2021 With UpYear, A Game-Changing Personalised Annual Report

By Urban List Writers
17th Dec 2020

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As far as neo banks go, Up leads the pack. As well as having seriously cool peach and yellow debit cards, you can shop the globe with no nasty fees, and you pay $0 monthly service fees. The Up app is also packed with tools to help you manage your money—and these financial heroes have just dropped another epic feature that’s going to be a game-changer for anyone looking to get money smart in 2021.

Called UpYear, it’s basically a personalised annual report. The sort you might pay top dollar for if you were a high roller earning big money. Of course, with Up, they’ve made it less expensive and more fun—kind of like Spotify’s amazing year-in-review Wrapped playlists.

Up won’t tell you how many times you listened to the “lo-fi-beats-to-study-and-relax-to” playlist but you will get some key stats on your 2020 money moves, and put yourself in a good position to upgrade the health of your money in 2021.

You'll see your top four spots to shop—or where the bulk of your money went. You'll also see the story of your savings journey of 2020, and the total amount you managed to grow your savings over 2020. You'll get a month-by-month breakdown of your total savings growth, and, of course, how much money you managed to save just through having Up’s "Round Ups" feature enabled.

If you’re not yet using Up, it's offering a free five bucks so you can kick start 2021 with amazing stuff like their deep insights, multiple and totally customisable saver accounts (with emojis for motivation!), addictive "Saver Pools", and regular opportunities to get on top of your financial life. Find Up in the app store and use the code UPYEARFIVER to claim your $5. 

Learn more and see how UpYear works here

Product & offer T&Cs @ Up accounts issuer Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. 

Image credit: Steven Jones and Up

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