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16 Of The Gold Coast's Best Hangover Eats

By Brooke Darling - 22 Sep 2016

You’ve woken up with a dry mouth, banging head, a sinking feeling that you may have texted at least six people you shouldn’t have last night, and a promise to the gods that you’ll (try to) never drink again.

Yep, you’ve scored yourself a hangover.

Some folks see the next-day headache as a punishment for their sins, while others view it as a trophy of how much fun they had the night before. Either way, choosing a hangover meal can be an art, so we’ve rounded up 16 of the Gold Coast’s best hangover eats so your brain has to do a little less work when you’re feeling worse for wear.

Epic New Breakfast Menu | Lester and Earl 

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Lester and Earl’s brand spanking new Friday to Sunday breakfast offerings are freakin’ heavy. Hungover? This menu has your sorry name all over it. Think: buttermilk fried chicken on a biscuit or the Boss Hog breakfast burger with bacon, pulled pork, two fried eggs, and American cheese. Cooking from 7am with craft beer on tap from 10am, ‘cause a hair of the dog is always a good idea.

Sunday Brunch | Bonita Bonita 

Bonita Bonita knows how you feel because, let’s be real, you probably started your Saturday night bar crawl next door at BonBon. Open from 10am on Sundays, their wicked Mexican-themed brunch with choco pancakes, chilli con carne on a ciabatta, sweet pea mole, and breakfast margaritas should calm the nausea.

Reuben Toastie | The Sandwich Bros.

Visiting Surfers Paradise mid-week and have a rip roaring headache thanks to too many shooters at, eerrr, Shooters? The Sandwich Bros. on Cavill Avenue will greet you with a knowing wink before handing over one of the best hangover eats on the Gold Coast—the salty yet delicious Reuben toastie.

Terrarium Burger | Terrarium

Northerners love this tucked away gem, and it’s not hard to see why. When you don’t want to travel far with risk you might still blow over, Terrarium’s own juicy Terrarium burger or halloumi burger will hit the spot.

Hangover Dawg | The Loose Moose

If you’re hurting in the morning, The Loose Moose has got your back with their Hangover Dawg—a double-smoked bockwurst snag, caramelised onion, melted jack cheese, bacon, scrambled egg, hollandaise, and BBQ sauce. Snap! You had us at hot dogs for breakfast.


Ground Lamb Sandwich | Espresso Moto 

Nothing cures a throbbing hangover like Espresso Moto’s seriously tasty ground lamb sandwich with fried chat potatoes and monster pickles on the side. Here’s hoping those always-happy vibes rub off on you too.

Breakfast Burrito | Alfred’s Diner  

Sink your teeth into a fancier version of your 3am snack with a burrito from Alfred’s Diner in Mermaid Beach. Alfred’s (breakfast) Burrito with egg, bacon, and tomato relish is a Metropolist go-to when we’re feeling sorry for ourselves.

Massive Burgers | Burger Bro?

Chances are you won’t be crawling out of bed ‘til close to noon anyways… From 11am, Burger Bro? at Harbourside Markets is frying up greasy hangover cures to assist even the most crippling of self-inflicted comas. Anything on the menu will do just fine.

All You Can Eat | Bazaar

If your idea of squashing a hangover is eating yourself into a food stupor, QT Hotel’s Bazaar marketplace buffet breakfast (super value at $32 per head) is the best place for it. One heaping plate of dripping bacon and butter-smothered pancakes? Check!

French Toast with Banana | Hatch & Co.

A new addition to the weekend breakfast brigade, next time we wake up #hung we’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on Hatch & Co.’s French toast topped with fresh banana, clotted cream, and drizzled with maple syrup. Now open for brekkie Fridays through Sundays.

Wagyu Beef Burger | Moo Moo

If you can still manage to pull yourself together and look respectable (bring your best oversized sunnies), push through that hangover in style with the oh-so-juicy Wagyu beef burger on a milk bun from Broadbeach’s Moo Moo.

Breakfast Tortillas | Feather and Docks

We can devour Feather and Docks delicious signature breakfast tortillas any day of the week, but when a hangover comes knocking? Stuffed with smoked bacon, poached eggs, and a homemade salsa of corn, avo, Spanish onion, coriander, and lime, these babies will save your life.


Cubano Burger | Burgster

Burgster opens at 11am on weekends with one goal in mind, curing your sore head after the night before. Come for some of the best hangover eats on the Gold Coast, especially the pork Cubano or beef brisket burger, washed down with one of Burgster’s self-proclaimed ridiculous shakes.

Chicken Parmy | Bam Bam Bakehouse

‘Cause where else can you hook into a crispy chicken parmigiana at 7am? Hung as hell or still up from the night prior, Bam Bam Bakehouse is one of the best destinations for hungover eats on the Gold Coast. Just don’t forget your sunglasses.

Eggs Benny | Commune

If you’re determined to make it out of bed on a Sunday, head to Burleigh fave Commune where their epic eggs benedict will solve all your woozy woes.

Sunshine and Fresh Vibes | Burleigh Social

Head to Burleigh Social on a weekend and you’ll be in good company. Hungover customers and eats abound here like the eggs benny on a buttery croissant or the stacked breakfast burger with beef pattie, melted cheese, and bacon. Or a chocolate milkshake… you can always count on chocolate milk when you have a fat head.

You’ve got to start with all the #dranks before you can earn that hangover. We’re doing our part by recommending 10 of the best bars on the Gold Coast.


Photo Credit: Brooke Darling for Metropolist

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