10 Dog-Friendly Cafes For Patting Other People’s Puppies

By Danielle Read
22nd Mar 2018

dog-friendly cafes on the gold coast

Who can resist an adorable pooch? No one, that’s who. We’re loving how many open spaces there are to take our beloved canine companions on the Gold Coast, but what if you don’t have a pupper of your own?

Never fear, there is a wide selection of local dog-friendly cafes that have got you completely sorted and we can’t wait to share them with you. Limber up those hands and head along to one of these pup-loving locations spread right across the Gold Coast. We can see your heart eyes already, get patting people!

Piccolo Espresso 


Miami’s beachside local is not only privy to front row wave and babe watching, they also welcome pups big and small to their breezy joint. Stocking a treat cabinet that ticks all the boxes, guzzle a freshly pressed juice with a quirky name like The Madge or The Bowie because patting all of those pooches can be tiring work and you’ll need the energy. For a double dose of pup perusing, once you’ve hung out at Piccolo Espresso, take a wander down the foreshore’s bike track or to the top of Miami Headland and squeal at every dog you pat along the way, we won’t judge you.

Cafe Catalina 


Perhaps you particularly enjoy patting cultured pups. You know, the ones who like to bob along to live music on weekends? Cafe Catalina on the Broadwater in Southport not only has ridic views, they also have a big ol' astro turf area to sprawl out on. Chill on a beanbag and get down to a pupper's level; afternoon cocktails, delicious eats and pups in the sun, how could you beat it?

Harvest Moon

Burleigh Heads

Famous for fashioning some of the best espresso martinis on the Gold Coast, top-notch tapas and a drinks list that makes us want to just keep lapping, Harvest Moon in Burleigh also caters for canine companions, too. Mainly entertaining during the evenings and hosting live music every weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays you’ll spot a few doggos in the arvo, sipping pupaccinos and judging passers by who don’t have sophisticated taste like they do.  

Elephant Rock Cafe


Overlooking an iconic Gold Coast emblem, this aptly named cafe is pooch-parading paradise. Don’t hog Elephant Rock Cafe’s serene views on your own, bring along your pup or chat to someone else’s about the beautiful weather and ask them ocean trivia questions. While you may receive a few perplexed looks from other dogs who don’t know the answers to your ‘who lives in a pineapple under the sea’ quizzes, you and your furry one know what’s going on and, at the end of the day, so might that cutie two tables up.

Hidden Perk

Koala Park

With a menu that is always introducing new and exciting items like succulent Peri Peri chicken burgers and grilled lamb koftas (drool), there’s a little something at Hidden Perk for everyone. A clever way to combine your binoculars-in-the-bushes approach to catching surfers on waves and puppy love, this Tallebudgera chilling hub has it all going on, so bring down your doggo or just zoom in and pat someone else’s.

Mr Bengel

Palm Beach

It’s unanimous. Pups have great taste. That’s why Mr Bengel in Palm Beach has so many four-legged fans. Pull up a stool and grab a blanket while pooches line up for their pats from you. Munch on your green bowl, sink a latte and finish it all off with a raw treat; all while giving a new furry friend a leg shaking belly scratch. And you’ll be making it super easy for the cute puppy daddy to gift you some fresh blooms because Mr B stocks a silly amount of rustic bouquets and they all have your name on them.

Espresso Moto

Palm Beach

While you’re in the ‘hood, stop into Espresso Moto. Their moody atmosphere and fab service go hand in hand with your eggs bennie and doggie daydreaming. This Palm Beach hangout is the perfect place to ‘accidentally’ fashion a puppy play date with a cute stranger and play catch on the beach until the sun goes down.

Le Cafe Gourmand

Mermaid Beach

Like your woofers European? Then head down to Le Cafe Gourmand and keep an eye out for a French bulldog or two. Freshly baked pastries are indulgences we’re certain you’ll love, so enjoy one to 10 in the sun while the puppers have a lick of doggie ice cream. This Mermaid Beach French favourite has a big ol’ patch of fresh grass, too. So, no more awkward poops on the pavement from you or the pups. Some one had to say it.

Alfreds Diner

Mermaid Beach 

Beard trims, thread scores, a B&E roll and man’s best friend. Ahh, it doesn’t get much better than hanging out at Alfred's Diner on a sunny Sunday morning. You’ll be in puppy heaven when you bring along your furry friend or momentarily steal someone else’s for some head rubbin’ bonding time.  

Burleigh Social

Burleigh Heads

Brekkie, burgers, black chia pudding and face licks from Benji himself, it’s all happening at Burleigh Social. Okay, it’s no secret that we’re suckers for a cute pup on our laps, figure-eighting around our feet and giving us that look, you know the one. So, accidentally dropping a nibble of bacon to someone else’s puffy pal will be forgiven, just this once.

On the hunt for more dog-friendly cafes on the Gold Coast? Here’s a bunch more options to take your four-legged family member. 

Image credit: Nancy Hanna for The Urban List

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