5 Places To Find Your Zen On & Around The Gold Coast

By Samantha Kamala
6th Nov 2017

We may not find ourselves blazing through a financial district with briefcase in hand. Or taking daily commutes that make an apocalypse look fun. But life can still get a little chaotic here on the beautiful Lamb Roast and you may find yourself seeking space and time away from the grind. With an abundance of nature nearby and plenty of spiritual types in our vicinity, a little repose is never out of reach.

Check out and check into these five local spots to find your Zen.  

Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens

Mullumbimby, NSW

Home to the largest amethyst cave in the world, a peace Stupa blessed by the Dalai Lama, and two of the world’s tallest geodes (which stand at 5.5 metres tall and travelled all the way from Uruguay), Crystal Castle is a level 10 on the out-of-10 Zen scale. A place for “spiritual reflection and meditative enquiry”, you will find yourself taking slow steps on a Labyrinth walk and feeling the fresh energy of the surrounding forests. For complete submergence into a life more mystified, sign up for an aura photo, tarot reading or a class on the music of plants.  

Peace Mojo House

Burleigh Heads

Week long retreats and special excursions are a blissful treat for the soul, but finding true Zen requires regular commitment. A schedule of yoga, Pilates, chiropractic adjustments and massage can be found in the high vibrations home that is Peace Mojo House in Burleigh Heads. Finding time for their ego-free, all-level classes and balanced approach to holistic living will see an aura of calm seeping into your everyday life. With yoga teacher training, aromatherapy workshops and trips to India on offer, you might find yourself spending a lot of time in the company of the Peace Mojo family. 

Tallebudgera Valley

Gold Coast Hinterland

Drive and drive and walk and walk and get nude and pat horses and swim in rock pools and smell fresh rain on dense forest. Finding Zen need not cost a cent when you plunge into the depths of Tallebudgera’s peaceful valley. Hearing nothing but the sounds of birds and seeing nothing but greenery is the greatest dose of Zen medicine around. Bare feet mandatory. 

Krishna Village 

Eungella, NSW

One day dipping your toe into the spiritual life can be like an entrée without a main; you’re left unsatisfied and craving more. Enter Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community. Here you can sit under a canopy of coloured silks and roam through 900-acres of certified organic lands abounding in orchards, vegetables, peacocks and swimming holes. It’s a place to retreat into yogic studies, reconnect with Mother Nature, undertake life coaching sessions and indulge in massage. You’ll find the true meaning of the word community and be dazzled by pink skies and the beauty of Mount Warning. It doesn’t get more Zen than this. 

Springbrook National Park 

Gold Coast Hinterland

Being reminded of the immensity of planet Earth is a great way to gain perspective on your problems. From Springbrook’s Best of All Lookout you can take in the magnitude of an ancient (we’re talking 23-million years ancient) volcano and stand in awe of Northern NSW in all her green and peaceful glory. If these never ending expanses don’t shrink your qualms, try a cleanse in the falls of Purling Brook… or a sizable block of cocoa from The Fudge Shop. 

More of a 'walk in the rainforest' kinda person? Here's a swag of incredible Gold Coast bush walks to help you clear your head. 

Image credit: Crystal Castle

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