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Get Lost In This Massive Wooden Maze Just Three Hours From The Gold Coast

By Victoria Patapan
31st Jul 2020

a larget wooden maze amongst trees

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, but not of being locked in a small room, why take your puzzle-solving skills outdoors? You can do just that at The Granite Belt Maze, a massive wooden maze that you’ll find just outside of Stanthorpe. 

It’s not just the twists and turns that will get you lost here. Inside the maze is a series of riddles and challenges designed to put your wits to the test—and suck you deeper and deeper inside. To answer them, you’ll have to scour the maze from one side to the other, facing plenty of dead ends to trip you up along the way. 

If the riddles are too much of a challenge, don’t stress—instead, take a crack at one of the other smaller mazes (sure, they’re designed for kids, but sometimes you have to start small, you know?). Better yet, try your hand at giant chess or even putt-putt mini golf on the grounds before treating yourself to a warm sausage roll from the canteen. Sounds like our kind of day out—you can get all the details here.

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Image credit: The Granite Belt Maze 

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