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Where To Find Delicious Ice Cream Sandwiches On The Coast

By Cayleh Ferguson
9th Nov 2017

best ice cream sandwiches on the gold coast

It already feels like it’s going to be a sweltering summer and what is the cherry on top of a salty, sandy and sunshine filled day at the beach? Yes, you guessed it. Sweet, cold and dreamy ice cream. What’s even better than a simple ice cream you ask? Read on and your world might become a little brighter because, let’s be honest, that’s what we are here for! 

Sweet Bliss Donuts 


Decadent doughnuts, old-fashioned shakes and the ultimate combination: ice cream and cookies. So damn delicious, anything from Sweet Bliss Donuts should be your dessert of choice at the Nightquarter Markets (held at Helensvale every Friday and Saturday night, FYI). From unicorn flavoured ice cream sandwiches to cookies and cream, Nutella oozing goodness, and ones sprinkled with the lot: M&Ms, 100s and 1000s, freckles and jaffas… Wear loose fitting clothing and be prepared for a chronic chocolate coma. 

Boss Bites

Roving Markets 

A travelling ice cream van that serves up homemade ice cream squished between two baked biscuits. Is there anything better in this world? Seeya later Mr Whippy! Boss Bites comes in an array of flavours including Cookie Monster, Not So Basic Vanilla, Berry and Choc, Chocolate Freckle, Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Overload. If you don’t like it sweet, then don’t stop by here. Spotted mainly at markets around the Coast, this sweet little van is also available for events and weddings. 

Joy Beans

Burleigh Heads

NOT only an organic coffee roaster and cafe like you may think, Joy Beans is also a vegan ice cream machine. Also, recently added to their menu is something called a Butterbing. Not quite an ice cream sandwich, not quite a melting moment, more like chocolate brownie cookies joined together with a lil somethin’ called buttercream. You scream for ice cream, we scream for buttercream!!! With every single flavour under the sun, and then some, we trust you will do your best to taste them all and find your favourite flavour. 

Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar


If there is one thing you need to tick off your bucket list before the year is out, it is Cowch Dessert Bar. Ditch the diet and take your pick from their overwhelmingly epic menu. A spin on a classic ice cream sandwich is their Moo Burgers; two toasted brioche buns with two scoops of ice cream inside with your choice of toppings. So insta-worthy it’s not even funny. If you like it more traditional, try their waffle ice cream sandwich topped with Oreos and strawberries, cause…balance. 

Nectar Espresso


As well as a coffee shop and (free) co-working space with comfy couches, Nectar Espresso have just what you need to ignite those creative juices; chill vibes, Blackboard coffee and a thing called Butterbings. With new flavours dropping every week like buttered popcorn, almond crunch, cheesecake, banoffee, Snickers, mint and Nutella, it’s safe to say you will be back every week to work on that project…Yeah right! We know you are there for the Butterbings. 

Pat & Stick’s

Stockist Near You

This little gem had to be included in our list as they are makers of the world-famous ice cream sandwich. Although it’s sold individually wrapped or in packs of four from places like IGA, you can bet your dollar bills these beauties are made from real ingredients and genuine ethically sourced flavours. Sticking to traditional and authentic recipes, Pat and Stick’s are a paradox of old-fashioned goodness, fused with a modern appeal. Keep an eye out for an ice cream sammie made with style. 


Mermaid Beach

BSKT should be your port of call if you want to watch your waistline and are working hard for that elusive bikini bod. Throwing a healthy twist on our favourite foods, there will be all the warm fuzzy feels with none of the guilt. Not technically named an ice cream sandwich, but well worthy of being on this list is the Vegan Protein Brownie served with Cocowhip. It will satisfy your sweet craving and provide a nutritional punch at the same time. #wellandtrulywinning

Mister Fitz


Okay, we know it’s a bit of a drive, but it’s oh so worthwhile. This OG ice cream parlour specialises in handmade, original recipe, small batch ice cream, without preservatives and the usual nasty processes that take place. Mr Fitz's signature ice cream sandwiches are yours for the creating; choose your cookie, pick your favourite flavour and sprinkle with any or all of the toppings. So, when the squad asks what you want to do this Saturday, you know what to say. 

Worked your way through the best ice cream sandwiches on the Gold Coast? These local ice cream shops will keep you cool right throughout summer. 

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List 

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