Life = Made! A Nutella-Themed Dessert Bar Has Opened

By Jessica Pridmore - 06 Nov 2017


If you’re shredding for summer, we suggest averting your eyes. In news that doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with bikini-wearing season, a Nutella-themed dessert bar has just opened—and we've actually lost it!

Not just any old dessert bar, this is Tella Balls; the internet-breaking, food porn creating, Nutella obsessed Sydney team responsible for terrible eating habits and the OG ‘Tella Ball’ aka the Nutella-stuffed doughnut ball.

Opening TODAY in Surfers Paradise (sorry Brissy folk, we may have just bagged ourselves Betty’s Burgers but we’ll still have to make pilgrimage down the coast for a taste of the famous dough balls) Tella Balls has brought with them all their famed dishes: from the original Tella Ball, to doughnut fries, doughnut sliders, doughnut ince cream cones, even their epic crepe stack, the Nutella-drenched gang’s all here!

Lord have mercy on our waistlines!

The Details

What: Tella Balls Doughnut Bar
Where: 10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise

Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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