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Bliss Out On This Slick Luxury Yacht Charter Run By A Young Gold Coast Local

By Ioana Dragnef
11th Mar 2021

a yacht against the surfers paradise skyline

When you picture a yacht you probably picture a group of leathery tan people in white linen suits and loafers sipping on expensive champagne or maybe you’re getting flashbacks of being trapped on an out-of-control booze cruise. Whatever your yacht preconceptions, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, guys—yachts can totally be cool again.

Enter Jamie Cox, owner and skipper of the Amaroo—an Indigenous word appearing in various dialects with varied meanings, one of which is 'a beautiful place'—a 57-ft luxury yacht charter currently running out of the Sanctuary Cove Marina at Hope Island on the Gold Coast. Built in Germany in 2014, the Amaroo has sailed in the UK, the Caribbean, and is now ready to grace us with its yachty heavenliness right here in Australia.

a man and a dog on a boat

“With me being Australian, the end goal was always to get the boat to Australia,” Jamie says.

“So we just fast tracked that—we were going to do a couple of seasons in the Caribbean, but the first year we were there, Hurricane Irma hit, which completely destroyed the boat.”

Following its repair and complete renovation, the Amaroo made its way to the Gold Coast, where it currently operates for groups of maximum 10 guests.

Catering to small private events or gatherings, the Amaroo is unlike any yachting experience we’ve tried on the Gold Coast so far—forget getting seasick on small jerky boats or teetering in high heels on crowded old clunkers, because sailing on this baby will unlock a level of comfort and luxury you didn’t think was possible. From short half-day trips of four hours to extended sailing for up to seven days, this slow, breezy cruise is the perfect weekend reset for you and your crew. 

a group of people sitting on a yacht

Setting sail from Sanctuary Cove for a half-day, you’ll make your way down the Coomera river towards the Broadwater. And if you’re keen for a full day, Jamie and his friendly, accommodating crew will lead you through the Gold Coast waterways, down the Coast in open water and then set anchor inside the Broadwater for some prime chill time. 

If you can muster the energy (you’ll probably be too relaxed to move), you can go for a swim or just sit back and eat your way through a light breakfast or beautifully prepared cheese platter, because why not? You’re soaking in luxury already anyway—would be rude not to.

a close-up of a breakfast platterAnd look, we’re not sailors or experts when it comes to yacht aesthetics, but even our inexperienced eyes can tell the Amaroo is a stunning boat and makes for a damn good backdrop for a special occasion or a cheeky Insta pic or two. Plus it might be the perfect time to belt out that rendition of Lonely Island's I'm On A Boat you've been practising at home.

(Also, if you think summer is the best time to slip your boat shoes on, think again—turns out winter is the perfect time to hit the water, so get to it.)

To learn more about the Amaroo or book a sail, hit up their website or Insta.

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Image credit: Simon Beedle, Devon Cooper

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