Self-Care Sunday | How To Have The Ultimate Day Off

By Jessica Best - 09 Sep 2018



Good stuff beautiful people, you survived Saturday night and made it to Sunday morning (unscathed) and here you are, scouring the internet like any 2018 human should be. But before you spend the entirety of your day trawling through the ‘gram, ordering-up all the Indian takeaway and asking yourself “how on earth is it 7pm already?”, oh do we have some soothing news for you.

Welcome to Self-Care Sunday, not yet an official national shindig but not an unofficial rite of passage either (we’ll take what we can get). We’re here to snag all the hard yards for you this fine rest day so expect all you need to know re revitalising those puffy under eyes and docos you should be across.

Onward and upward fellow relaxees, here’s everything you need to nail the ultimate Self-Care Sunday.

Lux Aestiva Gypsy Oil

Your first port-of-call to ace ya glorious official rest day is to get all around Lux Aestiva Gypsy Oil. This beauty can be lathered on head-to-toe to boost your overall skin and texture. Sure, the bottle looks a treat but you’ll be happy to know it works just as well too. Every pretty botanical ingredient that makes up this hydrating glass of magic is vegan and organic so it’s got the goods on all fronts (you can also pop a few droplets into a hot bath to reallyyyyy soak up its essentials).



If you haven’t yet heard of Skinvitals I’m going to casually scoop my dropped-jaw off the ground and pretend I didn’t just hear that. These guys know how to facemask and damn, they do them really bloody well. Can confirm you’ll notice a harrowing difference after slappin’ one of these sheets over your face and tuning out for a good 15 mins. The aptly named ‘Detox’ mask has a delish mix of ginseng, apple, peach, wheat and barley (yes it smells like a snack... no you can’t eat it) to ease skin congestion and as mentioned, it actually works.


Lillydale Candle Co

So, it wouldn’t be a true Self-Care Sunday without a bit of aromatic soothing going on. We’re talking Lillydale Candle Co scented candles peeps. And before you ask, even the FELLAS admit to liking these drool-worthy morsels. They’re made in the Yarra Valley aka. the mecca of handcrafted and gourmet goods. A standard lil’ soy pop will burn for a solid 45 hours and the scents tipple around freshly roasted coffee beans, vanilla scones, chai latte, coconut water and an actual fireplace.

Left Of Centre

To really kick-start your Sunday vibes, you should be bringing up the Front Left playlist. It’s one of Spotify's newest curations of music and the whole line-up of artists and tunes is what should rightfully be known as a Sunday doozy. Formerly known as the Indie Mixtape playlist, you’ll find the likes of the eclectic Tash Sultana, Ninajirachi, CXLOE and NEIL FRANCIS. Take a listen ‘coz if you’re keen, you should also probably be across the fact this playlist will be turned into a real life gig.

The New Philosopher

Sure, you could totally spend your Sunday trying to catch up on everything you missed last week but really, the world works a little too fast for that. Instead, The New Philosopher is where your eyes should be at (and good news, you can grab it from pretty much any news agency on your way to snag your morning coffee). This read comes out quarterly and the latest issue is all about corruption and power. If you have any interest re the fundamental issues about humankind, this is well worth the read to catch you up to speed on literally everything you need to know when you and the group chat catch up for a feed.


City of Joy

To top off your cruisy Sunday, a solid doco (or few) is definitely in order. We give you, City of Joy which is absolutely that ‘Netflix watch’ everyone at work will be talking about for the next few weeks (understandably, you won’t be THAT person who has no idea what people are harping on about so, you’re welcome). This one has been nominated for just about every award out there and yes, the trailer alone will give you actual chills. First-time director Madeleine Gavin takes us into the Democratic Republic of Congo and a group of women who are trying to change things from the inside. 

True, this doco itself isn’t necessarily a binge but we’ve got a whole lot more lined up for you right here so you can live your best bingefest life.

Still got time to spare? Here's a bunch of TED Talks you need to listen to stat.

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