Health + Fitness

All The Reasons Why Your Yoga Studio Needs A Himalayan Salt Wall
By Caity Stone - 11 Oct 2018

We know we’re calling out the obvious here, but Himalayan lamps have been a thing for a while now. Apart from being a striking light… Read More +

Health & Beauty
Why You Need To Try The GC’s First Nightclub Spin Class
By Morgan Reardon - 25 Sep 2018

Forget everything you thought you knew about spin, there’s a new, super slick cycle class on the Coast and you’re going to… Read More +

Career & Money
Werk It | 7 Ways To Have A Productive Lunch Break
By Danielle Read - 17 Sep 2018

The average Aussie spends 100 hours on their lunch break per year. Pretty crazy right? Imagine how many things you could learn, do and… Read More +

Style & Design
Give Two Taps | 6 Gold Coast Instagrammers You Need To Follow ASAP!
By Olivia Hillier - 17 Sep 2018

Everybody loves a good gram! Are you in need some new hot pics to stare at? Want to vibe on a whole new colour co-ordination in your feed?… Read More +

Health & Beauty
On Yer Bike | These Are The Most Beautiful Cycling Trails On The Coast
By Olivia Hillier - 10 Sep 2018

Spring has sprung on the Coast and isn't she gorgeous? If you found yourself hibernating over the colder months, we know exactly what… Read More +

Lose The Guilt With Gold Coast’s Best Healthy Eating Cafes
By Cayleh Ferguson - 28 Aug 2018

So, you ate your weight in burgers and doughnuts and consumed mulled wine every weekend and spent all of August hiding under… Read More +

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