Mermaid Beach

Style & Design
Why You Need To Check Out The Coast’s Coolest New Art Studio

While we love ourselves a good catch up with friends over a glass of vino at the latest restaurant opening, lately we’ve been finding… Read More +

Food & Drink
Inside Look | All The Reasons You Need To Visit Morena Espresso

If you’ve driven along the Gold Coast Highway around Mermaid Beach lately, you might have noticed—and stopped for a selfie in… Read More +

Food & Drink
Searching For A Fab Cafe In Mermaid Beach? We Got You.

We reckon that Mermaid Beach is one more coffee shack away from actually turning into a puddle of the good stuff. And hey, we ain’t… Read More +

What's On
Lupo’s First Pizza Party Is Giving Us All The Feels

While pizza has been off limits for Lupo’s signature wood-fired oven, co-owner Harry Pearce and his family are putting the… Read More +

Sticky Hot Cross Gelato Buns Are Back To Save Easter

Undo that top button, guys. Hot cross buns with gelato inside have arrived for Easter and it’s fair to say our excitement has reached… Read More +

Look Inside | FuFu Is The Chinese American Diner You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Another week, another new opening on the Gold Coast, and this is one we’ve all been waiting for.  Yep, Mermaid Beach newbie FuFu… Read More +

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