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These Geniuses Invented A Nutella Slurpee & We’re So There

By Jessica Pridmore
2nd Feb 2018


In case some of life’s key milestones (read: completely unimportant but nevertheless celebrated in dramatic fashion) have a habit of passing you by, we’re here to remind you that World Nutella Day is just around the corner. (Literally, it’s next Monday people!)

And, while those among us who do not share the same obsession for the famous hazelnut spread will give precisely zero f*cks about February 5, the rest of us will be eating tubs of Nutella with a spoon (the 3kg, just so we’re clear) spreading it on toast, shoving it in sandwiches, while sipping on goddam Nutella Slurpees! Where has this been all our lives??

Created by Nutella-obsessed team at Tella Balls Dessert Bar, this is a mashup for the ages. Crushed ice, vanilla gelato and lashings of Nutella spread all whizzed up, creating a frothy, decadent, ice cold beverage. And yeah, we’re really, really in to it.

The Nutella Slurpee will be available at their Surfers Paradise cafe for a limited time only. People, you know what to do…

The Details

What: Nutella Slurpee
Where: Tella Balls Dessert Bar, The 4217, Surfers Paradise
When: From Monday 5 February 

Not in to Nutella (shame on you!)? Gold Coast's best burgers ought to sort you out. 

Image credit: Tella Balls Dessert Bar

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