15 Things Only Gold Coast New Mums Will Understand

By Samantha Kamala
12th Mar 2018

gold coast mums

From conception to school years, the Gold Coast is a pretty lovely place to make and raise new humans. 

Pregnant days will be spent lounging on the beach with bump in a sand hole dug by your other half (aka newfound slave). New born days will be spent introducing babe to the world in a clean environment and temperate climate. And toddler-dom will encompass coffee dates with your mum-pack and a whole lotta time with the grandparents. 

But with all this wonderful, there’s still an inevitable list of trials and quirks that come with being a new mum on the Gold Coast. 

Let us dish out just a few of the standouts, if for no other reason than motherhood camaraderie... 

  1. No mum gets to complain about the birthing experience when they get the John Flynn spa suite with ocean glimpses.
  2. …or Pindara’s maternity experience at the Versace #RealHousewivesOfTheGoldCoast. 
  3. Even if you give birth in the thick of winter, you’ll probably find yourself in a bikini three weeks post partum.
  4. You don’t really feel like a Gold Coast mum unless your newborn’s first car ride was a black SUV.
  5. You don’t remember what a crashing wave feels like ‘cause baby likes the creek.
  6. You enrolled your child in school the same day you decided to stop taking the pill and let nature take its course…and there’s still a chance there’s no space left at All Saints.
  7. There’s not a single square kilometer left on the Gold Coast in which you haven’t yanked your top up for a breastfeed. 
  8. You’ve gone through four litres of Mrs Flannery’s organic baby sunscreen, and baby’s not even six months old.
  9. You cried in Baby Bunting at some point during your pregnancy because: what are all these things and do I really need them?!   
  10. In your baby’s first week of life you feel a trickle of fear running down your spine imagining them experimenting with a cocktail of illicit drugs in the nightclub sardine tin that is Surfers Paradise.
  11. Baby likes car rides so you’ve discovered new parts of the Gold Coast you had no idea existed—turns out Molendinar is kind of pretty.
  12. Sometimes when you’re driving along the Gold Coast Motorway you have a little shudder of guilt remembering that time you pulled over on a tiny wedge of grass, leaving half your car to be dodged by oncoming cars, just to find a dummy. Most of the time safety comes first, but not always.
  13. Places like Whole Beings Holistic Education Studio make you realise your tiny honey is embarking on a better life than anyone you’ve ever known.
  14. The incredible Gold Coast fresh produce situation has your baby gorging on organic home-smashed mango avocado puree every day of the week
  15. You’ve heard the LOL about your baby boy learning to surf by age three at least 25 times. Meanwhile, baby girl’s destiny has no assumed skillset. Maybe she’ll just become a Meter Maid. LOLJK.

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Image credit: Brooke Darling for The Urban List

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