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editor akl


You're the best. Full stop.

Maz is always so determined to ensure she has the best content for her audience and I love her tenacity in making sure she breaks news first!

Because change isn't always easy, or expected, but she's embracing it head on.<3

Using her network skills to secure the head of NZ Facebook as a TUL Training guest at a Saturday night event! She's on the job at all times!

TFor leading from the front in NZ. The last of the OG Auckies standing, and going stronger than ever - we'd be lost without you Maz x

You continually go above and beyond!

For the goodness that was the Holey Moley video. What a team, what a video!

Because every team needs a mum

What would we do without you!


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Ultimate Legend Votes


Al, you are always on the hustle, and always empowering your colleagues to deliver their absolutely best work.

Thank you for the drive you bring to the team. You're amazing.



0% bad debt?! Are you kidding me! That's INSANE! Go AT. You're such a gun.



Bringing the positive, chilled vibes to the business! We already love you!



When the rest of the world is offline, you're always there to help, even when it's not directly related to your daily tasks. Thank you!



For giving her all to make all of us shine and continually pushing to ensure we deliver concepts and props that are truly best of breed.

You're a star, Anni!



Killing it with the Melbourne site and C&M content, even while mourning the Loveshack-shaped hole in his heart.


Brad Arnold

Brad is always the 1st to check in on everyone and see how they’re doing, how he can help and lend a hand; not just in his team but every team in the business.



Always there to help out anyone in need. Such a strong team player.



Her enthusiasm, her professionalism, her dedication, her 'never say no' attitude, the quality of her work, her results... the list is endless. She is a little superstar!



Loving the updates to the new site. Can always trust Clem to cover all bases when considering website updates.



You were thrown in the deep end to deliver the Q1 Ops review and absolutely nailed it! You were all over the department stats,

gave such deserved shout outs to your Ops crew, and made us all feel so across what was coming up. Great job, Courts!



Dani gave up her Saturday morning to help out at the Barangaroo event and never complained once! She is a superstar.



Thank you for stepping up last minute and taking TUL Training! For someone so new in the business, it says a lot about your reliability and the trust your peers can place in you.




For her amazing work on ING, H&M and all the other things that she landed in her first few months at TUL.



For being so great at communication across teams. INVALUABLE!




Liz has been a huge help with schedules and ensuring that our proposals go to client before deadline. Very consistent with her work and a true team player!




Frankie is absolutely owning PI and it is looking fricking ah-mazing. Can't wait to see which brands jump on board our train!



I can always trust Isaac to deliver work at a premium quality even on a short turnaround. What a bloody legend.



Jase absolutely deserves to be recognised. He really looks out for those around him and will always

make the time to provide constructive feedback on ideas before they are pitched.


Jess Prids

Prids the kitchen is looking schmiiiiick!


Jess Best

Amazing growth in the entertainment vertical and commitment to pumping out great news content.


Jess Willemse

In her second week, Jess is already knocking articles out of the park, making gifs and blowing my socks off. So proud of her, we've got a bloody gem in Auckland.



The ease of campaigns when Kate's involved just show how skilled she is at managing client feedback and expectations.

She's an absolute gun and making the BCP job so much easier.



With a lot of challenges has just jumped in and is asking all the right questions.



Love Morgan's attitude to all the changes happening in content land and love that she has embraced the C&M vertical and is killlllllin' it!



Michelle, you are such a wise, trusted and FUN member of our team. You've become my go-to for advice and I'm so thankful you're here.



For showing me the ropes, getting me settled in, teaching me everything and always being available if i needed help.

Tilly is an amazing team member and mentor and I couldn't have done this first month without her.



Your workload right now is off the charts but you're always there to lend a helping hand when branded content needs it. Very appreciative!



Prue always has my back and is the first to jump in and help.



Continued dedication and pride in the results and campaign she brings on board.



For giving up her Saturday morning to help out at the Barangaroo event. She is an absolute legend.



Thank you so much helping me craft some interview questions. You didn't have to, but you did, and you're a legend.


Sarah Law

Her workload is brimming with briefs but she remains cool, calm and collected. She is always ensuring we create the best content - plus she's a joy to work with!


Sarah Lynch

Constant effort as the TUL face in the NZ market, with some good brands signed on.



You nail the client/BCP balance so incredibly well, I am in awe of you!



Thank you for offering up your best advice and really caring about the person as much as the job.



Thanks Sandy! You know why!!.. I cant be me without you!


Sophie B

Soph, your work on the Unleashed Women's Project is phenomenal. You've led the whole process and totally nailed it!



Sophie has had a lot on her plate lately with starting a brand new job, relocating and adding more and more clients to her list.

I really admire her grit through this overwhelming time!



For her open and honest Q1 presentation. Giving the team a clear insight into how the business is tracking and confidence in where it is going.



Tess has been getting absolutely slammed lately but she is always more than happy to lend a hand and never lets anything slip through the cracks!






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