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19 Of The Best Cocktails For The Sweet Tooth

By Julia Hammond
17th Mar 2017

sweet cocktails

There are plenty of ways in Melbourne to satisfy every form of sweet indulgence from epic desserts to drool-worthy brunches. But what about drinks? There’s no need to give up your cavity inducing diet because there are a heap of great places to get that sweet, liquidy fix. If you’re planning on drinking like a fish in sugar syrup we’ve found the places you need to be.

1.    You’ll Have What She’s Having

Finally, you can use that quintessential one-liner by ordering yourself a sweet treat from Dutchess. This one screams satisfaction with sweet liqueur, St. Germain elderflower, apple juice and a hint of lemon. Plus, their cocktails are just $11 on Fridays and Saturdays between 11pm-1am.

2.    A Royally Sweet Mouthful

A cocktail fit for the monarchy is on the menu at Queen of the South. Sip on a Cereza Sling which includes tequila, Campari, sweet cherry liqueur, raspberry, pineapple and lime.

3.    Spiked Indian Lassi

Mukka in Fitzroy has Indian flavour bursting at the seams and it doesn’t end with their food. For a different kind of cocktail try a vodka-spiked rose and cinnamon lassi. Perfect for cooling down the palate.

4.    Sail Away With A Mandarin Spritz

Head down to St Kilda for a drink by the sea and get yourself a Mandarin Spritz at Captain Baxter. This one packs a punch with Beefeater gin, Aperol, Prosecco and lashings of mandarin juice.

5.    Love It Up At Madame Brussels

Love is patient, love is kind and at Madame Brussels love is sweet. Their Love Juice cocktail is an intoxicating blend of Bacardi, berries, apple juice and bubbles.

6.    Dessert Cocktails Are Real And You Need One

At Borsch, Vodka & Tears there is not just one but FOUR amazingly sweet cocktails for you to choose from. How can you pass up a Chocolate Martini? Or Lemon Meringue Pie, Honey on Toast and Walnut Coffee Cream.

7.    Better Than Granny’s Apple Pie

Granny may make the best apple pie but Bad Frankie’s makes the best apple pie cocktail. No joke, Mrs French’s Apple Pie No. 2 is dessert in a glass—made with brandy, cinnamon myrtle, vanilla and apple juice.

8.    Eau De Marshmallow Syrup

With a name like Marshmallow Fizz you know you’re onto a winner. Go check out Eau De Vie for a cocktail they say is fluffy, pink and like sipping on a cloud.

9.    Just What The Chancellor Ordered

Berlin Bar pays homage to the German Chancellor with their Angela Merkel cocktail. Standout flavours include vodka, blackberry, rhubarb and a sugared rim for decoration.

10. Have A Taste Of The Orient With Mei Li’s China Doll 

This vodka cocktail from Golden Monkey is flavoured with lychee, dragon fruit, goji berry tea syrup and ruby red grapefruit juice.

11. Stay Up All Night And Get Lucky

Ruby Gets Lucky is a vanilla infused delight from The Mill House. Other flavours include honey and ginger syrups, mint and blackberry jam.

12. Mostly Naughty With Just A Little Sweet

Sweet and freaky never mixed so well as Garden State Hotel’s cheekily named cocktails. Try out a Missionary Downfall with pineapple, honey and peach or taste one of their vanilla and passionfruit Pornstar Martinis—shaken not stirred.

13. Fa La La La Bomba

Forget Long Island, you want a Casa Iced Tea from Bomba. It’s similarly boozy but much sweeter with strawberry infused liquor, white wine and peach iced tea.

14. The Perfect Sweet Spritzes

Call off the search party—we’ve found all the spritzes you need. At Arbory Bar and Eatery in Melbourne’s CBD taste test one of four delectably sweet spritzes. Flavours include Pink Gin, Honeydew, Blood Orange and Elderflower.  

15. Not So Ugly After All

Forgo all your preconceptions when it comes to The Ugly Duckling. This Richmond bar has a gingerbread cheesecake cocktail to satisfy even the sweetest of drink cravings.

16. Say My Name, Say My Name

The best part about Less Than Zero’s sweet cocktails is ordering them. It’s not often you get to say Release the Kraken (rum, whipped vanilla ice cream and root beer) or Pinky Promise (sparkling, apple schnapps and cranberry) without fear of rejection. If you prefer something simple the Cherry Ripe is right up your alley, it’s a candy bar in a drink.

17. Classic And Sweet At Campari

Campari House is one of Melbourne’s most classic cocktail destinations and they do not disappoint on the sweet front. The Strawberry Kir is an all-time classy combo; strawberries and champagne. Too classic for you? The Poison Ivy is full of fruity melon, elderflower and mint.

18. Candy Canes And Southern Belle’s

Get some Southern inspiration at speakeasy bar and restaurant Le Bon Ton. We recommend the Southern Belle which is a fruity vodka cocktail that tastes of apples, peach and passionfruit. Or sip on the Lillypad which is basically a gin candy cane with its peppermint, white peach and aromatised wine.

19. A Sweet Fix From Korea

Although primarily a restaurant, Seoulja Boy has an impressive range of cocktails worth your hard-earned dollars. Give the Shawty a try – with strawberry, lychee, vanilla and makgeolli (a sweet Korean liquor) it’s sure to impress.

Fancy something a little more traditional? Here are some new bars in Melbourne that can give you the good oil.

Image credit: Mukka | Michelle Jarni

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