29 Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand

By Bella Ramdhanie
25th Nov 2017

They are the attention seeker of the family, they are ridiculously spoilt, and sometimes they are just downright sassy, but you love them anyway. Naturally, we’re talking about your beloved feline.

And…for some people, the obsession is real. Crazy cat people, we understand, and you’re not alone.

From cuddles to telling anyone who will listen how puuurfect they are, here are 29 things that only us cat lovers will understand.

  1. Fur errrrrrrywhere.
  2. Sharing a relationship that nobody else could possibly understand.
  3. Wishing you could understand what they’re thinking.
  4. Cuddddddddles (but only on their terms).
  5. Putting on fresh black jeans, successfully looking clean for five minutes and then being covered in fur.
  6. A lint roller is your prized possession.
  7. Watching them sleep all day in the sun and catching yourself thinking you wish you were a cat.
  8. Questioning your sanity for wanting to be a cat.
  9. Weird looks from friends when your baby-voice takes over… just look at his widdle paaaws.
  10. Ignoring the fact that your friend’s eyes are glazing over when you talk about how cuuuuute your cat is.
  11. Accepting the possibility of being blocked on Snapchat. You can’t help but spam pics of your baby. They’re just so cuuuuute.
  12. Watching them parade around like royalty.
  13. And then treating them as if they are.
  14. Waking up at 5am to a cat-fight and wondering if you’re too tired to defend your baby.
  15. Waking up at 5am to their possessed-like behaviour of sprinting back and forth up the hallway.
  16. Pure frustration when they meow for food but food is in the bowl (enter Ryan-Gosling meme here… what-do-you-want?!).
  17. Struggling to keep up with their mood swings.
  18. Feeling judged by their sassy looks.
  19. Buying a cute cat water bowl, and filling it up faithfully, even though it is never touched.
  20. Being used to receiving lovely gifts at all hours of the day in the form of mice, rats and/or birds.
  21. Your friends, family and/or bae committing to the traumatising efforts that are involved in escorting these gifts out of the house.
  22. Low-key feeling bad because you were mean to them about their gift and getting defensive about it. It’s just their instinct! They don’t know any better...
  23. Signing off family cards with the inclusion of your cat’s name. They’re a valued member of the family. Duh?
  24. Personal space doesn’t exist anymore.
  25. Strategically getting into bed trying not to disturb your sleeping angel (who is wham-bam in the middle ofc).
  26. Feeling sorry for yourself when they are possessed by a demon, scratch you, and show no sign of remorse. I thought we were soul mates...
  27. Developing an obsession with all cats, although none of them compare to your baby.
  28. Losing friends due to obsessively tagging them in cat memes.
  29. Cancelling on plans because you are “just too busy” (everyone knows you’re in bed with your cat watching Netflix… just admit it?).

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Image credit: Mikhail Vasilyev

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