59 Things You Should Have Done If You Live in Melbourne

By Pip Jarvis
27th Nov 2013

Oh Melbourne, you glorious beast. How you delight us with your culinary exploits, your sweet sweet caffeine and your cultural smorgasbord. (We do need to talk about the weather, but that can wait 'til another day).

Here at The Urban List, we're proud to call ourselves Melburnians, Melburnites, Mexicans, so have come up with a (far from exhaustive) list of the 59 things you categorically should have done by now if you call the Yarra city home.

So are you a mere tourist in M-town, or a dyed-in-the-wool local? Take our quiz below to find out! Simply tick off everything you've done below, fill in your email address, and we'll deliver your results to your inbox pronto!

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