9 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day If Your True Love Is Food

By Ellen Seah
10th Feb 2017


Through the good times and the bad, through the sun and the rain—food is always there to comfort you (unlike that arse of an ex). This Valentine's Day, celebrate your true love with friends, films and unashamedly un-romantic food. Bring me all the onion, good sir. 

  1. Lock your doors, drag your mattress to the living room floor and make a fort out of pillows and doonas. Eat through every Gelato Messina ice-cream flavour while watching your (pre-prepared) line-up of chick flicks. Other chicks are optional, and if you need assistance making critical flavour decisions, refer here.
  2. Go on a cheese spree and pick up (since you won’t be picking up anyone else) your favourite cheeses, dried fruit, pastes, and crackers from Milk the Cow. Bring it home, arrange it on a fancy wooden board and eat it ALL BY YOURSELF. Because you’re not obligated to share and you’re not ashamed.
  3. Head into Polēpolē and gorge on sticky fried chicken ribs with whipped cardamom honey, hummus aioli and smoked dukkah. Eat messily and lick your plate—just because you can.
  4. Flatulence is not a problem tonight (or any night), so eat through all the Onion Bhaji (they’re onion fritters), garlic naan (glistening with creamy butter) and classic dosas (made from rice and lentils) from Mukka. I’ll pray for your roommate.
  5. It’s a night for sticky without the awkward icky. Try Bluebonnet BBQ’s tender pork ribs, Fancy Hanks’ lip-licking beef brisket or The Gem Bar’s hot link sausages and pit-smoked chilli beans. So many gloriously messy choices, so little time.
  6. Bring your bestie out for a treat and book a table for two at Tipo 00 or Thirty Eight Chairs. Slurp up spaghetti and laugh at all the awkward couples, because you’re obviously the hottest pair in the restaurant.
  7. For the sexiest shellfish around, you can’t go past Miss Katie’s Crab Shack. Don that bib like the romantic hero you are, and proudly slurp, suck and finger-lick your way through waffles and fried chicken, crab boils and natural oysters #loveyoself
  8. There’s nothing better looking than a fat hot dog lathered in ketchup, mustard, cheese and all your favourite toppings. Head to 8 Bit for a Chilli & Cheese Kransky with lip-licking cheese sauce, chilli beef, jalapenos and spring onions, or wander down Chapel Street for Massive Weiner’s massive wieners. 
  9. If you’re in a committed relationship with health and fitness, there are still plenty of options this Valentines Day. Try a vegan, raw, organic doughnuts from Combi or takeaway treats like vegan croissants from Smith & Deli

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Image credit: Xochi Romero, you can find more of her work here.

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