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Deliveroo Are Now Providing Alcohol-Only Delivery

By Grace Evans
5th Jul 2017


Deliveroo has been providing Melbournians with delicious cuisine off the back of a bike for around 2 years now, so it’s only fitting that they take on the responsibility of delivering our alcohol too.  Their brand new alcohol-only home delivery service has launched in Melbourne and they’re letting you order bevs from 12pm-11pm right through from Monday to Sunday.

Bottle House, Blackhearts and Sparrows, Cellarbrations Flinders Street and Melbourne Wine Store are all teaming up with Deliveroo to step up the game in alcoholic convenience. You can now officially order a G&T from your phone and have it show up on your doorstep, welcome to the 21st century.

Best of all, once you’ve selected from the on-demand app your favourite beer, wine or spirit, they’ll show up at your door in the next 30 minutes (or under). The time has come where you can have your steak cooking with its matching bottle of red on the way, it’s pretty freaking insane.

Alcohol is coming to a door near you and you seriously need to try out this awesome service. The days of food delivery are old news, but the days of alcohol-only home delivery are only just beginning. Deliveroo’s alcohol-only service is also making future plans to launch in other cities, so be patient Sydney-siders you will get our luxuries soon enough.

But for now, it’s time to treat up Melbournians and imagine a life where you actually never have to leave the house.  So scroll the app and get some alcohol delivered for your next dinner party or solo movie marathon.

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P.S You’ll need ID like any other alcohol experience, and the max you can order is 1 case (24 x 375ml containers) of beer and/or premixed spirits and/or 6 bottles of wine and/or 1 bottle of 750ml spirits.

Image credit: Deliveroo

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