Are These Melbourne’s Best NY Style Bagels?

By Millie Lester
1st Mar 2017

The Short (Straw) answer is hella-YASS.

We all know the best thing to come out of New York is the Olsen Twins’ 2004 teen comedy about stealing dogs and fighting DVD piracy. However the second best thing is easily the donut shaped bread rolls we fly half way across the world to try so we feel more connected to Tina Fay’s character on 30 Rock–bagels.

Thankfully you no longer have to fork out thousands of dollars to touch one to your sweet lips, because popular new Hawthorn food-hub—​Short Straw—now has them featured on their (already insanely popular) brunch menu.

It’s one thing to stock holey round bread loaves, but it’s a whole other kettle of cats to sell bagels with fillings that’ll make you want to skip your usual corn and zucchini fritters and four sides of haloumi. Which is why these bad boys are hands down the best NY style bagels in Melbourne.

Picture this: grilled marinated vegetables, sun-dried tomato, pesto, avocado hummus and a side of fries. And now picture this: poached chicken, avocado, tomato, chipotle mayo, spinach and bacon. And now get in your car and drive to 743B Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn.

(And also try the peanut butter smoothie).

Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List 

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