Meet Australia’s New Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Brand

By Amber De Luca-Tao
9th Oct 2018


That. Time. Of. The. Month.

Five words that are just the worst. And despite the fact you're probably picturing all-consuming cravings and soul-sucking mood swings (soz), it’s time to get it together.

Why? Because we want you to meet Bamboo Babe, a range of environmentally friendly and sustainable hygiene products for you and your monthly flow. They’re bamboo-based and completely cotton-free, which is very, very important…more on that later. 

And that’s not all. They’re magically (okay well, scientifically engineered) to strike the perfect balance between softness and dryness—meaning there’s a very real chance surfing the crimson wave every month will be that bit more bearable.

We spoke to Bamboo Babe co-owner, George Harris, on how he’s creating a more eco-friendly world one packet of bamboo-based, biodegradable panty liners at a time.

As co-founder, what was your inspiration to create Bamboo Babe?

My wife Karyn had suffered from heavy periods for years and we finally discovered she had fibroids causing the problem. I watched her really struggle at times and never forgot how difficult and debilitating periods were for her. I would do supermarket runs often and became aware that the products available were bulky, didn’t perform very well (meaning Karyn had to sleep on a towel) and were uncomfortable for her to wear. These negative experiences stayed in my mind and when the opportunity came to make a difference I jumped at it.

For those who are unsure, what are the benefits of harvesting bamboo to create pads as opposed to cotton?

Cotton typically consumes an enormous amount of water to grow, whereas bamboo grows prolifically, does not require pesticides, is naturally organic and is a highly sustainable and renewable resource.

What are the user-benefits of choosing a bamboo-based pad rather than a regular one?

The benefits of bamboo have been widely known for some time, but they haven’t been used in personal hygiene pads. Working closely with our business partner and scientist, Anthony, as well as our amazing manufacturer and their team, we were able to understand how incorporating bamboo cores in a pad would make a huge difference.

The natural benefits of bamboo, including their hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, meant a much fresher feel with less odour than other pads. Plus, bamboo is 15% more absorbent than cotton, so we knew we could make a much drier pad.

What makes Bamboo Babe pad different from other ‘eco-friendly’ hygiene products out there?

Our pads are 100% cotton-free and use a premium corn-based top sheet. We’ve done the ‘Wine Test’ and compared Bamboo Babe pads to other ‘eco-friendly’ pads to see which were the driest. We call it our ‘Try How Dry’ test, and we found that Bamboo Babe delivers an ultra-dry user experience with a touch-dry surface.

A Bamboo Babe pad looks like a ‘regular’ pad to the untrained eye. Will users be able to recognise that they're using a bamboo-based pad?

Other than our branding, users will notice key features such as comfort, dryness, how thin the pad is (some customers say they forget they’re wearing them), odour control and how well our pads stick in your undies.

One of the features our survey group asked for was end-to-end adhesive as they said the loose ends on a pad are really irritating. So, we listened and that’s what Bamboo Babe has—end-to-end adhesive so there’s no annoying loose ends.

Additionally, users will notice the wrapper is biodegradable and compostable, as indeed is the whole pad (although we don’t recommend home-based composting due to possible microbiological contamination). All these benefits combine to create what we call ‘The BB Difference’.

Bamboo Babe uses the latest technology in absorbency—how does it all work?

We learned from our initial survey that the number one requirement for a pad was performance—it had to be dry. So we decided to take things a step further and incorporate a plant-based top sheet (derived from corn), which allows moisture to wick away quickly.

Furthermore, we were able to adapt technology from baby’s nappies. In particular, their absorbency and their use of ultra-absorbent micro-particles to trap moisture and turn it into gel. We combined this technology with our bamboo cores (which is where the moisture is trapped away from the skin), to make an ultra-thin, ultra-dry pad with a touch dry surface.

And there’s also a subscription service available online?

Customers can choose their subscription box contents and even customize their delivery frequency, although we’ve put together some preselected options to make the process easy. Subscribers save 5% and can take advantage of free shipping too by structuring their deliveries to be less frequent and a higher spend (simply buy 9 packs at one time to qualify for free shipping). All our products are supplied in custom-made 100% hemp bags.

Any advice for first-time users? 

We recommend signing up for our 3-For-Free trial where you can choose three individual pads to try for free. We’ve structured this to be a lead into our automatic subscriptions. If you don’t wish to continue with the subscription you have 21 days to cancel (free of charge), change or update your subscription before the first automatic shipment takes place. Once subscribed, customers will never be caught short again.

Want to learn more about Bamboo Babe? Check out their website. If you like these guys, you should also check out Jonny. They're a new eco-friendly condom brand, designed by women. 

Image credit: Bamboo Babe

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