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Beery Good Cocktails

By Sarah Willcocks
5th Aug 2013

After water and tea, the humble beer is the third most popular drink on the planet. But, even with beer's widespread popularity, there's still a substantial proportion of barflies out there whose tastebuds retreat at the mere thought of it. Just as there are brew aficionados who won't consider anything even a little fancy. Surely, there's a middle ground where beer and cocktails can happily co-exist?  

In honour of International Beer Day (celebrated on either August 2nd or 5th depending on how tipsy your calendar-maker was at the time), here's a round-up of cocktails that feature the (other) bubbly stuff.

Ron Zapaca Blazer #2
We don't know what happened to #1, but the second time was a charm for the wizards at Eau De Vie, when they whipped up the earthy Ron Zapaca Blazer #2. Rum is mellowed with walnut liqueur and banana glaze. Beer makes a cameo in the form of a porter reduction.
Where: Eau De Vie | 1 Malthouse Lane in Melbourne
Contact: 0412 825 441

Michelada de Camaron
One of just a handful of cocktails featuring beer that could be considered true classics, the Michelada is reportedly a Mexican hangover cure. Though we suspect it has probably caused more than it has remedied. Mamasita's version sees pilsner paired with the traditional citrus and spices, plus the genius addition of a prawn skewer as garnish.
Where: Mamasita | Level 1/11 Collins Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9650 3821

Lord Ruthven's Gossip Cup
1806 emphasises the intrinsic qualities of dark ale by pairing it with cognac, brown sugar, ginger, nutmeg and an enlivening spritz of lemon peel. This cocktail is darkly smooth and seductive, just like its fictional vampiric namesake.
Where: 1806 | 169 Exhibition Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9663 7722

You've Lost Your Muchness
While the name of this cocktail may sound like a quote from Clueless, it was actually coined nearly 150 years earlier by Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter. Head to Newmarket Hotel and sip on this zingy concoction of ginger liqueur, lemon, honey, ginger beer and white ale. You'll be feeling much more 'muchier' in no time.
Where: Newmarket Hotel | 34 Inkerman Street in St Kilda
Contact: 03 9537 1777

A lagerita is either a very bad idea or a very good idea. In that indecisive frame of mind, this Bar None cocktail provides the answer when you simply can't choose between a margarita or an icy cold beer. For the summer-in-a-glass Lagerita, beer is supercharged with tequila and soused with lime.
Where: Bar None | 72 Auburn Parade in Camberwell
Contact: 03 9882 1086

Black and (Fake) Tan
A Black and Tan is a classic cocktail, typically made by floating dark stout over pale ale. The Carlton makes this old-fashioned drink so much sweeter with the addition of bourbon, wattle toffee liqueur, caramel syrup and chocolate bitters to dark lager.
Where: The Carlton | 193 Bourke Street in Melbourne
Contact: 03 9663 3246

Green Arrow
Served at The Kodiak Club, for the truly beer-averse, this comic-book-inspired cocktail is almost cheating. Beer is simply alluded to in the form of hop essence alongside pear, lemon, malt whisky and ginger. Hey, at least it's served out of a beer mug!
Where: The Kodiak Club | 272 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy
Contact: 03 9417 3733

Bottoms up!

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