8 Non-Lame Baby Shower Gift Ideas

By Hilary Simmons
14th Oct 2015

Baby shower. For the childless, it’s a phrase that can strike fear into the heart and spark instant present panic. What the hell do you buy a baby that hasn’t even been born yet? Do you opt for the safe, practical route of nappy bags and cotton onesies (snooze), or do you try to find something that the baby will love and want to play with once it’s actually developed motor skills?

Alternatively, do you buy something for the parent/s to be? This brings up a whole new question of appropriateness. Condoms, for example, while practical, are arguably a no. Tickets that require staying out later than 8pm? Cross ‘em off.

Luckily, we ‘ve done the hard yards for you and put together our top 8 Non-Lame Baby Shower Gift Ideas.

Lactation Cookies from The Meaning of Grace

The Meaning of Grace is an online shop with a lovely range of nurturing gifts for nursing mothers. It was created by a new mum who struggled in the early months of breastfeeding, and decided there was a market for lactation cookies, lactation tea, nursing robes, body scrub and nursing bras. The cookies are organic, vegan and superfood-dense – you can buy a batch of 12 as a one-off, or order an eight-week subscription. There are also gorgeous kimono-style nursing robes featuring lush designs by an illustrator from London that can be bought in a bundle with tea.

Black-and-White Mobile 

Mesmerised specialises in black-and-white books and gifts designed specifically for babies from newborn until nine months of age. The standout product on their website is the black-and-white baby mobile: it not only helps babies learn to focus at different distances and angles, it keeps them entertained.  The mobile is printed using vegetable inks on recycled paper and can be suspended above the baby’s cot or change table. If you’re in the market for an add-on present, Mesmerised also stocks high-contrast baby socks which rattle with movement and have crinkly ‘ears’.

Kennedy Bear from Kennedy Junior

A teddy bear is a classic gift choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a boring one. The bears from Kennedy Junior are made with a purpose in mind – 15% of the proceeds from each bear help fund educational programs for disadvantaged children in Australia. They’re made from luxurious cashmere and come in five different colours. While they’re a little on the pricey side, they’re gorgeously soft and huggable, and could last for generations. Plus, in the short term, they’ll help the next generation build a successful and sustainable future.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ from The Little Bookroom 

The classic tale of a newborn caterpillar who munches his way through a multitude of snacks on the road to becoming a butterfly belongs in every baby’s first library. Frankly, though, you can’t go wrong with any of the books on offer at The Little Bookroom. Choose between picture books, board books and cloth books, as well as limited editions of classic books like Alice in Wonderland and prints from local artists including Freya Blackwood and Marc Martin. The staff know their trade from A to Z and can provide fantastic recommendations if you get stuck.

Meal Delivery Box from MealBaby

Although you could be forgiven for mistaking the name of this website as an invitation to eat babies, it’s actually a neat way to support new parents who could use a helping hand. All you do is set up a free MealBaby account, create a meal calendar (noting food preferences, allergies, contact info and directions) and nominate your people. Bam – they’ll receive a series of chef-prepared meals delivered direct to their door. You can also buy restaurant vouchers as a sweet way to insist they get out of the house and treat themselves, plus the MealBaby Blog is a great collection of fun and interesting tidbits for parents.

Futon Pregnancy Massage from Body Freedom

The massage therapists at Body Freedom in South Melbourne are trained by a qualified midwife and specialise in pregnancy massage. Their signature pregnancy treatment takes place on a futon and – unlike traditional pregnancy massages – doesn’t involve lying on your tummy or your back. Instead, mums-to-be are treated lying on their sides propped up by cushions and a fitness ball. The carefully chosen massage oils ensure absolute comfort, calm and relaxation, and work wonders to fade stretch marks. Combine a massage gift voucher with some of the fab pregnancy-safe skincare products on offer.

The Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is a genius gadget that calms down screaming babies so frazzled parents don’t have to. Designed for babies from newborn until six months of age, it routinely emits a rhythmic ‘shushing’ sound which, according to the website, reminds babies of being in the womb and engages their natural calming reflex. The Shusher has been doctor approved and rigorously tested, and even has a built-in volume control to make the volume of the shush louder than the baby’s cries. That’ll show ‘em.

Stroller Phone Pod

Let’s face it – everyone’s attached to their smartphones nowadays, and new parents are no exception. The Stroller Phone Pod straps onto a stroller and can also be used on car seats, bath rails or just about anywhere. It features an adjustable safety knob to make sure it stays secure and ensures that the baby carer has instant access to their phones if they need them – as well as the opportunity to check Facebook once in a while…

Image credit: The Meaning Of Grace

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