Melbourne’s Best Non-Boring Breakfasts

By Hilary Simmons
7th Aug 2015

Now we know we’re going to alienate a few people by saying this, but sometimes smashed avocado and baked eggs can feel a little same-same on the weekend. While there’ll always be a place in our hungover hearts for tried-and-true favourites like Eggs Benedict and corn fritters, it’s important to break free from breakfast clichés every now and again.

Forget ho-hum menus and unmemorable eats—we’ve rounded up the best non-boring breakfasts in Melbourne for your immediate breakfasting pleasure.

Hammer & Tong


Home to breakfast ramen and prawn and black bean omelettes, Hammer & Tong is captained by two Vue de Monde expats—and it shows. The breakfast ramen comes with shiitake mushrooms, bacon strips, spring onions and a perfectly poached 62°C egg in a bacon dashi broth. That’s right, folks, bacon dashi broth.

Pavlov’s Duck


This little Fitzroy gem has undergone a makeover in recent months—it’s now running a Sri Lankan-influenced kitchen which is anything but boring. We like the Pavlov's Duck Lankan Frenchy, which takes the buttery goodness of an organic croissant and elevates it with coconut, chill, lemon, parsley and a boiled egg. The ‘Pol’ Roti is also a Melbourne breakfast standout—a housemade coconut roti filled with spiced red lentils, sweet onion relish and a boiled egg. 



Head to Gertrude Street for a Columbian-style breakfast that’s all about arepas: fried little corn-cakes that are the perfect vessel for chorizo, eggs, beans and cheese. Get a few of these and a few empanadas, then wash it all down with a jug of Sonido’s signature hot chocolate—be adventurous, and ‘add cheese’, like the Columbians do.

Hanoi Hannah


The pho breakfast bowls at this Southside hawker kitchen can’t-be-beat—they deliver a killer combo of good carbs, protein and flavour to kick your hangover’s ass. On Sunday mornings, you can choose between Hanoi Hannah's chicken, beef or mushroom pho, and get a Bloody Mary with a garnish of mini spring rolls on the side. Look out for the grilled pork belly and egg banh mi for an interesting spin on the egg-and-bacon roll.



Cibi’s traditional Japanese breakfast has got to be one of the healthiest breakfasts in Melbourne. Think grilled salmon, tamagoyaki omelette, veggies, potato salad, brown rice and miso soup—all artfully arranged on an earthenware plate. Vegetarians can swap the salmon for pumpkin, and for an extra $4, you can upgrade to ‘ultimate’ with pickled zucchini slices, preserved plums and fermented soybeans.

Tom Phat


This Brunswick cafe is renowned for its wok-tossed roti omelette with bacon, chives and tomato salsa, but we also rate Uncle Ho's Brekky: a chilli-spiked fried egg served atop a grilled pork chop with tomato, cucumber and rice. Spicy and satisfying.

Mighty Boy Eatery


Mighty Boy’s housemade baked beans come laden with Thai pork sausage, duck egg, coriander and Vietnamese mint. The mushroom congee makes for umamiful bliss, while the Kaya toast comprises coconut egg jam spread on brioche, topped with spring onion, with an onsen egg on the side.

Magic Mountain Saloon

Melbourne CBD

At Magic Mountain Saloon, the kitchen blends Thai food with American barbeque, and breakfast here could be fat rice noodles with pork and kale gravy, or a chicken and kaffir lime scotched egg nestled with pork ribs and tamarind. There’s sweeter stuff too, like black sticky rice with dried mango granola, and a delightfully bonkers cocktail menu that features a Breakfast Marm-tini (that’s marmalade on toast in liquid form). Nom.



We’re all about Babka’s Russian blintzes for breakfast, even if they’re decidedly free from wholegrains. Filled with sweetened cottage cheese and plump sultanas, they’re drizzled with a warm citrus sauce to make for the ultimate comforting breakfast in Melbourne.

Middle Fish


Middle Fish is small but mighty, serving up Asian-fusion flavours with a healthy twist. The breakfast roti wraps avocado, barley, herbs and tahini yoghurt around a crispy fried egg, while the Hoy Toy combines a crunchy omelette with pickled bean shoots and housemade sriracha sauce. Yum.

Image Credit: Pavlov’s Duck by Michelle Jarni for The Urban List


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