Dig Deep With These 9 Spotify Workout Playlists

By Jessica Pridmore
16th Apr 2019

As part of Urban List Music Month we're focussing on the incredible influence music has in our day-to-day. Aside from those big-ticket gigs and live music sets at your local bar, we know a decent soundtrack can make or break your mood. 

Call it your internal cheerleader, your wingman, your metaphorical better half; when it comes to a solid sweat session at the gym or on the road, there is no better accompaniment than a playlist of bangers. Whether you’re on the market for endurance-heavy EDM, upbeat pop bangers or heavy-based rap, when you need to dig deep, we’ve got the playlist to keep you hitting that RPM.

These are the best workout playlists on Spotify right now.

New Wave Rap

There’s nothing like a bit of Cardi B to push you that little bit further. Even if rap’s not your go-to playlist, with the likes of Famous Dex, NLE Choppa, Gucci Mane, Offset and Lil Nas blowing up your headphones, we guarantee you’ll be hitting your max BPM in minutes.

Gold School

Sometimes, nothing but bulk bangers will do. Need Salt-N-Pepa’sShoopon repeat? Maybe some Ice Cube will keep the endorphins high and the effort at 110%? If you need a confidence boost to get you through, hit shuffle and push it out.

Rap Caviar

The prime rib of rap beats, this ever-evolving playlist of new music and fresh faces will not only make your workout feel fresh-as, it’ll give you a tonne of music cred. Sounds from J. Cole, Calboy, Roddy Ricch, and 21 Savage will ensure a steady pace and longevity. 


A heady mix of Trap and Bass beats, this up-to-the-minute playlist features the talents of Travis Scott, Scrillex, Migo and Gashi. Need to hype up your workout? This is your jam. Literally.

Cali Fire

Repping the best of California beats from classic hip hop to latino club mixes, Cali Fire will get you fired up for the ultimate endurance session. 

Run This Town

Specifically designed for a 150-165 BPM workout, elevate your run with hits from Drake, Usher, T.I and Rihanna. Be it on the treadmill or pounding the pavement, you’re in good company.

EDM Workout

Need that extra little push to get in those last reps? Or just trying to beat your PB? Whatever your rationale, the EDM playlist is a failsafe if you need some serious juice in the engine.

Cool Down

Don’t skip the most important part of your workout; hit the cool down on shuffle and let that heartrate slow. With over 4 hours of blissed out beats, this dedicated cool down playlist will help you rebalance and recharge after a heavy session. Bliss out to silky tunes from Tora, DVNA, leftprojects, and Boo Seeka.

To start streaming, simply log in to Spotify, search the name of each playlist and 'follow'.

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Image credit: Timothy Allen Olson

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