5 Things We Learned From Beyond The Valley

By Sophie Bloomfield
6th Jan 2020

The festival scene absolutely exploded over the last decade. We said goodbye to some classic long standers (RIP Big Day Out), saw the rise of the micro-fest and even started planning our overseas trips entirely around music festivals. To say farewell to a massive ten years of live music, we hit up Beyond the Valley to give you our musings on how to nail your next festie experience. Here’s what we learned.

It’s Always Best To Go With The Flow

Festivals can be sweaty and uncomfortable, you’ll have to wait in lines and you’re probably gonna lose at least a few of your twenty-strong campsite crew, but the second you accept those facts, your experience will get a whole lot better. Rather than attempting any kind of regimented itinerary, we’d suggest picking a few key acts you have to catch and just see what happens for the rest of the time—some of the best moments come from stumbling across an act you’ve never heard of or making some new festie-friends.

Trust The Set List

Did we think that we’d be in the mood for Cub Sport after partying at the dance tent for hours? No. Were we instantly soothed when Tim Nelson’s angelic voice hit our eardrums? Hell yes. Although we all want to boogie for 96 hours straight, it’s just not physically possible and you will thank the music gods when you have people like Matt Corby to just sway to (and sing along at the top of your lungs—just me?) Festival organisers put months of sweat and tears into each event, which is why we put our trust in them and keep coming back year after year.

Stay Hydrated

We cannot stress this enough. When the weather’s all over the place, like it has been this year, there is nothing more important than remembering to drink water. Your mum will not be around to take care of you if you faint mid-shimmy, so look after yourself and your pals by keeping your reusable water bottle filled to the brim.

Venture Further Than The Main Stage

While it’s an undisputed fact that any festival’s main stage hosts the largest, headline acts; what varies from punter to punter is how long you can survive at the heart of the mosh, giving 100% of that big fest energy. We suggest you take the time to do a little research and figure out what else you can explore in your downtime. BTV hosted a series of exclusive sideshows at the Tinder Beach Club, where you could get a taste of some of your favourite acts alongside a smaller crowd, in a more intimate setting.

Don’t Be A Dickhead

This one’s self-explanatory. Volunteers and staff have a hard enough job putting on these epics shows, so the least you can do is keep your shit under control—and say thank you every now and then.

2019 may be over, but festival season is only just beginning. If you’re yet to lock in your next musical awakening, we’d suggest taking a peek at Laneway, Golden Plains, Pitch and So Pop, who all have stellar line ups this year.

Image credit: BTV

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