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Inside The Melbourne Brewer Helping The Fight Against MND

By Ben Tyers
16th Aug 2019

Drinking beer is good for the soul, but who knew you could actually make a difference by consuming the amber liquid en masse.

Brewmanity Beer Co is a brewer that you’ve no doubt seen in bottle shops and on tap in pubs around Victoria. The company is the brainchild of former Melbourne Football Club captain David Neitz who focussed on his passion of beer after a successful playing career.

Brewmanity is a company “that’s all about goodness”, and that, of course, starts with their beer, and moves onto the good deeds the business is doing.

The foundation of the company coincided with Neitz’ friend Neale Daniher’s diagnosis and fight with Motor Neurone Disease. Discussions were had around how integrating the Aussie pastime of drinking beer could help to raise fund for such a cause. Now, Brewmanity donates a portion of every beer sold to the Cure For MND Foundation—so far raising more than $150,000, with plenty more to come.

Following on from this success, Brewmanity is in the throws of brewing a new beer. A beer that combines Neitz’ love of beer, with his love, and former career of footy.

Collaborating with the Melbourne Football Club, Brewmanity has created Demon Brew which will begin to be shipped this August. The beer, based on Brewmanity’s popular Tango & Splash is a traditional lager created with modern brewing techniques in a massive brewery in Melbourne’s east.

The beer costs $99 a slab, where 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the Melbourne Football Club. You can add a slab of Tango & Splash to your order as well for $50 where $15 will go to Fight MND.

Grab yourself a slab here.

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