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Coming Soon: Welcome To Thornbury

By Stephen A Russell
10th Aug 2015

Melbourne sure loves its food trucks, but with councils often being a bit iffy on them, it can be hard to lock down a regular site. Thanks to a super-team behind ace hang outs like Fancy Hank’s BBQ Joint, Brunswick Mess Hall and Mr Burger, the city finally has a permanent home for a revolving line-up of fantastic truck stop feeds.

Welcome To Thornbury on Northcote’s High Street encompasses will accommodate up to 700 patrons with a 200-seater bar at one end offering respite from the elements, whether that’s the winter cold or baking summer heat, a huge beer garden with low wooden seating with a flexible layout and then room for six trucks at the far end.

Mr Burger’s Maleik Edwards says the idea of transforming the formerly derelict 4000 square metre site, with the help of design outfit Therefore Studios, is all about creating an iconic destination that will draw in Melbourne’s food truck lovers from all corners of the city.

“There are some fantastic food truck pop ups in Melbourne, but they start to get popular then they go away or the site gets demolished,” Edwards says. “We decided to do something that would become a community hub where everyone can come together and enjoy it.”

Welcome to Thornbury opens midway through and will host over 40 trucks in just two weeks, covering a culinary cornucopia from Mr Burger to Ghost Kitchen’s Taiwanese street food, Korean BBQ LA-style from Caliko BBQ to Bart and Jack White’s The Brûlée Cart, with the delicious desserts hand-torched to order, including their to-die-for salted caramel popcorn variation.

“Ghost Kitchen sell out every year at the Night Noodle Market,” Edwards says. “Food trucks are really democratic. Whatever you love, you can all come together and enjoy.”

If amazing American food is your thing, Damon’s Diner will be making guest appearances with their maple-smoked ribs while both Korean Fried Chicken and Ramen On Wheels do exactly as the names suggest.

“It’s no accident that some of the cities in the world that really support food trucks are great culinary destinations, like Kogi in LA,” Edwards adds. “People go to LA and they seek out that experience while drinking a craft beer. It’s part of the culture of the city. We want to leave a lasting impression that food trucks are really good for Melbourne and ingrain that in the city.”

He’s also super-keen to stress that Welcome To Thornbury is also a sustainable spot easily reached by public transport so folks from all over the city can get involved, with the 86 tram and Croxton train station close by and almost 200 bike parks on site. “You don’t have to worry about bringing your car. Bring down your friends and get your own little corner.”

Image credit: Welcome To Thornbury via Facebook

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