Cult Sydney Pork Shop Mr Crackles Is Coming To Melbourne

By James Shackell
9th Mar 2018


You’re 7 beers deep on Oxford St in Sydney and you start to get certain...cravings. Fried chicken won’t quite do, and you can’t face another Quarter Pounder Meal. Where do you go?

If you've got brains and taste, you head to cult eatery, Mr Crackles.

Well Melbourne, get ready to high five the nearest person, because Sydney’s premier pork palace is heading our way.

If you’re not familiar with these guys, cop a load of the menu. Cups of ultra-crisp, golden pork crackling (cups!), something called ‘Crispy Pork Nacho Fries’ (the mind boggles), and assorted pig-themed goodness like pork belly rolls with Vietnamese salad, Char Siu Hong Kong-style BBQ pork, and The Bogan—crispy pork, chips, cheese and gravy in a soft bun. The powers of F45 stand no chance against this thing...

No word yet on exactly when or where they’re popping up (the Crackles team are sitting on this like they’ve got nuclear launch codes). But it is happening. We'll be sure to update you when we hear more.

Image credit: Iris Tian 

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