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DiDi’s Giving Away Free Rides To Anyone Named Max This Weekend

By Ben Tyers
18th Oct 2019

DiDi has been around in Melbourne for a little while now. When it launched it finally gave Melburnian’s a competitor to Uber that we were so longing for.

Now, DiDi is about to launch their 7-seater rideshare service—DiDi Max—and to kick it all off they’re giving away free rides to anyone named Max for the next four Saturdays.

DiDi Max is available from Friday 18 October and offers riders the option of now booking for large groups—up to six riders—and will be on average 10% cheaper than other competitors in the rideshare market.

DiDi is also kicking off their split-fare system to coincide with the DiDi Max launch which will allow you to split fares across four riders on DiDi Express, and six riders on DiDi Max.

Existing riders named Max, Maxine, Maxwell etc will be eligible for a free ride up to $30 on the following four Saturdays (19 & 26 October, 2 & 9 November).

For everyone not blessed with the name Max, DiDi is kicking in $15 off your first DiDi Max ride, all you have to do is chuck in the code ‘TRYMAX’.

The Details

What: DiDi Max launch
When: Friday 18 October
Where: All around Melbourne
For further information, head to DiDi’s website.

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