After a Bangin’ Bod? Here’s 4 of the Best Detox Tips

By Iro Kotsimbos
23rd Feb 2015

Hands up who's still feeling it after a gluttonous holiday season? Or perhaps you started the year on a health kick but have fallen off the bandwagon? Don’t worry, Listers, us too!

Designed to help clean out your insides and refresh both the body and mind, detoxes are actually super simple to do and needn't be an 'OMG I have to cut out everything!' type of situation. But how to even broach the topic of a detox if you've never done one before?

Well Listers, from juicing to clean eating and raw foods to a spot of good ol' fashioned exercise, we’ve found 4 of the best detox tips that are all super simple to do and will help you get back on track FAST! Bangin' bods, come at us!

Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

2-Day Active Lifestyle Cleanse

Melbourne cold pressed juice company, Karmic have won us over with their range of tasty juices and cleanse programs with blends including Leafy Green, Sun Glow, and Almond Chai. The best part? Karmic Cold Pressed Juice features less than 5% fructose—perfect if you’ve been trying to curb your sugar intake…or, ahem, if you were meant to be.

If you completely and utterly missed the memo on cutting down on sugar or other food nasties, it’s not too late to get back on board—Karmic’s 2-Day Active Lifestyle Cleanse is one of the best detox tips for busy Listers who are looking to rejuvenate after overindulging or perhaps hitting it too hard.

Featuring five delicious juices per day (just add a clean meal here or there), the 2-Day Active Lifestyle Cleanse will have your insides feeling happier and healthier before you know it. 


Clean & Lean 5-Day Meal Plan

Healthy food delivery company, YouFoodz have totally changed the ‘clean eating’ game and, boy, are we better for it! Gone are the days when healthy home delivery meant a questionable frozen meal was dropped on your doorstep and when clean eating meant eating pretty much nothing—now we have access to YouFoodz’ menu of fresh and flavoursome meals that are ready to eat!

Whether you’re looking for a healthy food option to supplement a cleanse, want to cut down on sugar, or just help yourself feel better about drinking and indulging your way through the year thus far (errr, whoops), the Clean & Lean 5-Day Meal Plan from YouFoodz is a brilliant way to work some detox action into your life. 

Pressed Juices

Raw Foods Menu

Also joining the clean-eating party is Melbourne-based juice company, Pressed Juices, who have recently launched their new Raw Foods menu.

Another great way to kiss sugar goodbye, Pressed Juices’ Raw Foods menu includes dishes such as Basil Pesto Zucchini Pasta which is full of fibre, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and high in Omega 3 fatty acids, while the vegan and dairy free Coconut Breakfast Parfait is alkalising, antioxidant rich, and full of B vitamins to help boost your energy and mood! With food this tasty, who the heck needs sugar and alcohol anyway?!

Xtreme Pilates X

Cross Trainer, Pilates & Reformer Bed Classes

If you haven’t had any luck cutting out alcohol or sugar, and cleansing isn’t your cup of tea, there’s another way to remedy your indulgences—with a series of good ol’ fashioned sweat sessions! 

Of all the boutique fitness studios in Melbourne, Xtreme Pilates X in Fairfield stands out thanks to their high-intensity and high-performance fitness classes that deliver results, FAST. Living by the motto ‘Less Time, More Intensity, Greater Results’, the team at XPX will make you seriously work your ass off during the 25-minute sessions to the point where you’ll never want to eat unhealthily or drink anything ever again, God forbid all your hard work goes to waste—seriously, it's one of the best detox tips out there!

Our top picks at Xtreme Pilates X? The Lower Shred pilates/reformer bed class is brilliant if you want to shred, tone, and strengthen your lower half, while the Stand and Deliver cross trainer class is great if you really want to push your cardio endurance levels and burn some serious fat. Book online today—you won't regret it (they also have a killer intro deal of 5 classes for $50!).

Image Credit: YouFoodz

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