Flinders Street Station Just Got A Bunch Of New Coloured LED Lights Put All Over It

By Ben Tyers
16th Jul 2018


Melbourne’s busiest train station just got a ton more colourful after it was announced that Flinders Street Station has had 1,100 new LED lights installed all over it as part of its recent $100m upgrade.

The lights will show off the station’s features just as the previous floodlights did, but with the added feature of being able to be fully controlled externally and changed to different colours similar to what happens daily at the Empire State Building.

You can check out a demo of what it all looks like on the video below:

The new lighting system uses less power than the original lighting despite having 600 more lights installed. The team used more than 20km worth of cabling to tie all of the new lights together.

The coloured lights will be used for special events like White Night, and other excellent events happening around the world’s most liveable city.

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Image credit: Darkon

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