Here’s Where to Get Sushi Donuts

By Sophie Colvin
24th Feb 2017


Listen up folks, this is not a drill. The gentlemen at everyone's favourite lifestyle food brand—Poké Me—have heard the pleading cries of the interwebs and are bringing you the ultimate food hybrid. A hybrid to end all hybrids. The stuff of dreams. Drum roll.... it's the sushi donut (sunut? Dushi?)... you already knew that, didn't you? It's in the title. 

Anyway, whatever you want to call it, we can hand on heart say it's our favourite food hybrid to date. Anyone remember the donut-icecreams of '16? Yeah, us too and this s**ts on that. 

I know, I know, you want me to shut up with the accolades and just give you the deets on where you can get your nori-loving little mitts on one of these bad boys. Stay calm and read carefully if you want to be one of the lucky tykes that scores one of these heavenly pieces of joy.

Here is everything you need to know: Available as a limited run, for one day only (don't heckle us if they've run out when you go to order, we've given you fair warning) they're only available through the delivery gods that are UberEats. Jump on UberEats from 11:30 am onwards, head to Poké Me, order yourself a bowl (hot tip: the soba noodle base is the stuff of mythical legends) and treat yo'self to a cheeky little add-on of a sushi donut for an extra eight smakaroons.

There will be two sushi donut options—a pink rice and a purple rice option. 

The pink rice option is a donut of pink rice, covered with a selection of salmon and tuna sashimi, wasabi sesame and black sesame, cucumber and a filling of avocado mousse. The purple rice option is slightly spicier and is covered with salmon and tuna sashimi, togarashi, wasabi peas, cucumber and an avocado mousse filling. 

Jump to it and organise your Friday office lunch—the $5 delivery fee is a flat rate, after all. 

The Details 

  • Poké Me via UberEats
  • $8 with a Poké bowl
  • From 11:30am 
  • 2 flavour options
  • Limited availability for one day only.

For more details, hit up Poké Me's site.

Image credit: Jess Prince for The Urban List 

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