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Take A Dip At The Best Hidden Beaches In Victoria

By Millie Lester
18th Nov 2021

Don’t get us wrong, we love St Kilda beach, but we don’t love sharing it with 10,000 other summer revellers, which is why we’ve compiled a list of all our fave secret beaches where it’ll just be you and the beautiful ocean and the truckloads of people we’ll send there with this article.

Pearse’s Beach


Head on down to the Mornington Peninsula to dip your toes into this tranquil ocean paradise. Only accessible via the coastal walk or sand dune track, you know that only the most dedicated of people can cross its lush sands.

You can surf on the offshore reefs at high tide or go for a dip during mid to high tide, but keep your eyes out for the rocks and reefs that can pop up on and offshore.

Half Moon Bay

Black Rock

You won’t be shocked by the name of this bay, but you will be shocked by its beauty. Primarily a boating site, this beach itself remains relatively untouched.

It’s great for swimming in the southern corner, great for surfing by the northern bars, fab for fishing off the pier and good for a frolic on the sand via access on the Southern Corner.

Red Rocks Beach

Point Addis

Hit the Surf Coast for this hidden gem. Just between Torquay and Anglesea, this little number is a wild stretch of beach that is almost untouched by the human foot.

It’s accessible via the Surf Coast Walk from Point Addis to Anglesea and definitely worth the trip.

Thirteenth Beach

Barwon Heads

Just west of Barwon Heads, this hot little stretch of sand has rockpools, off-lead areas for your dog and some delicious ocean water ripe for swimming in.

Not to mention a close proximity to the local fish and chip shop.

Sealers Cove

Wilson’s Promontory

This picturesque coastal abyss is bordered by 300 to 500 metres of high forested headlands (our fave type of headlands) and is perfect for beautiful beach walks, camping, swimming and fishing.

Don’t go here surfers, the tide is not high so you won’t be holdin’ on, it’s not going to be your number one [beach].

Diamond Bay

Mornington Peninsula

If surf fishing is your thing, then Diamond Bay is your spot. Named in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, this beach has some pretty high-quality stretches of tan-worthy sand, but you have to come prepared because when the tide’s high, the disappearing beach is nigh (the water covers the beach and there’s no sand to sit on).

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary


Forget the main beach, head over to its little sister beach less than a kilometre away where Jawbone Marine Sanctuary will fulfil all of your wildest beach-related dreams.

This little guy is the closest marine sanctuary to the Melbourne CBD, and you can spot jellyfish, banjo sharks, sea stars and other underwater critters that’ll probably scare you shitless but make for a good Instagram nonetheless.

Point King


This beach is a hidden secret amongst local Portsea locals and has limited public access, which won’t deter the die-hard beach-goers amongst us.

Swimming is best at high tide, though you’ll have to dodge the boats, plus there’s a ripper bluff-top walking track (Millionaires Walk) that runs from Point King above.

Shelley Beach


The appropriately named Shelley Beach is chocker-block full of seashells, as well as crystal clear water and killer rockpools that’ll definitely give you crabs.

Located just a 90-minute drive from Melbourne, and round the corner from the western headland where all the shmucks are mainstream swimming, Shelley Beach is definitely a must-swim before the warm weather ends.

Kerferd Road Pier

Albert Park

This beach oasis is a proper slice of Melbourne coastline and is a thousand times quieter than its heaving counterparts (looking at you, St Kilda).

Located just along Beaconsfield Parade, this pocket of paradise has a playground, relatively fresh public toilets by fresh I mean new) and cafes so you can squash any potential calorie deficit straight away.

Venturing out of Victoria? Here are the best-hidden beaches around Australia.

Image credit: Linda Xu

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