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Here’s Your First Look At The New House Of Cards Season 6 Trailer

By James Shackell
9th Oct 2018

We’re well and truly in a post-Spacey world now. House Of Cards just dropped a new trailer for its sixth (and final) season, and if you had any doubts Robin Wright could handle the heat, lay them to rest.

Enough small talk. Here’s the new sneak peek:

Looks like the cast for the new season is stepping up a gear too. We’ve got Diane Lane and an ageless Greg Kinnear surfacing to challenge Claire Underwood’s presidency. Is she phased? Pfft, not likely.

“I’m not going to be told what to do anymore. Not by you, or by any man, ever again. Each one of us has to defend our destiny. The first female President of the United States isn’t going to keep her mouth shut.”

Chills. Definite chills.

Unlike previous seasons, which spanned 13 episodes, season six will only feature eight. And good news: Alik Sakharov, who handled a few great eps in season five, is back to direct the finale. That’s pretty safe hands, right there.

Speculation time: if you ever watched the original House Of Cards (still the superior show—don’t @ us), you’ll know it’s probably not going to end well for Claire. These narratives rarely end with the power-crazed despot retiring to Florida, leaving a legacy of better schooling and affordable public health care, and living a quietly on a beach.

The final season of House Of Cards season will hit Netflix on 2 November. We can’t wait.

Image credit: House Of Cards

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