You Can Get $1 Huxtaburgers Today If You Rock Up With A Plant

By Chelsey Johnston
27th Jul 2018


Uh, so apparently today is ‘Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day’. Yep…we’re serious.

If that news doesn’t have you gearing-up to take your plants into the outside world (but hello, why doesn’t it?) then we've got another incentive.

Huxtaburger just announced that they're gonna give away $1 BURGERS on Friday 27 July (aka today). All you have to do is bring in your plant. Tall, small, spiky, green, plastic, leafy, shiny…bring along any plant that you have slowly dying on your dining room table and you'll get a burger for $1. 

A couple of conditions. As it’s celebrating all things plant-based, the $1 burger offer will only extend to Huxtaburger's vegetarian 'Sondra' and 'Vege Denise'. P.S. vegans—Sondra can be veganised for you. Boo ya.

And because they really care, Huxtaburger will even give you a watering can to help feed your leafy friend. You know, watering your plant? The thing you’re meant to do on the reg but have been forgetting for the last six months? We can see your orchid gasping from all the way over here, Susan.

The Details

Where: 106 Smith St, Collingwood
When: Friday 27 July, from 11.30am
For more info, click here

In other plant-related news, there's a troupe of French artists about to set the Botanic Gardens on fire. We'll explain...

Image credit: Jenna Fahey-White

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