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I Tried An IV Vitamin Drip To Fix My Skin Woes… But Did It Work?

By Clare Acheson
31st May 2016

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The human body fascinates me. Not only is it able to grow other human bodies inside of it (how do babies even work?!), it’s also infinitely receptive to the things we put in and on it. Nothing is more susceptible than our skin—which is why I jumped at the chance to try IV vitamin therapy, administered via a drip.

Could a needle in the arm improve my complexion? I spent a morning at Duquessa in North Carlton, Melbourne—one of Australia’s top beauty centres for medical and cosmetic treatments—trialling the treatment that everyone from Rihanna to Simon Cowell swears by.

What Should You Know Before Going?

First up, IV vitamin therapy is technically classed as a medical treatment, and not a cosmetic one—so you’ll want to make sure you book in with a reputable salon that offers a medically trained professional prescribing your treatment and wiring you up to your vitamin boost. To make the most of your time, it’s best to find one that also specialises in a treatment such as Omnilux light therapy, which uses ultra-safe LED light to encourage skin repair. I opted for a red-light Omnilux treatment to boost cell regeneration. That way you can have two treatments done at the same time.

Also, when it comes to on-the-day preparation, eating is most definitely NOT cheating! Make sure you’re fully hydrated (no hangovers allowed), and that you’ve had something to eat recently, to make sure that your blood sugar levels are a-okay and that your veins are easy to find. If you have any worries, or know that you tend to feel faint when having injections, bring a water bottle and some sugary snacks.

What’s It Meant To Do?

Depending on which vitamins are chosen for your IV vitamin therapy solution, the treatment basically injects a hit of goodness directly into the bloodstream, rather than your body having to absorb vitamins through digestion, ie. food. Because of this, your body can absorb around 90% of the vitamins in the solution, giving your skin a massive boost in the essential ingredients it needs to keep it healthy and happy.

I went for a 15g vitamin C treatment—the equivalent of SIXTY vitamin C tablets—which is great for collagen production, skin cell rejuvenation and skin repair. This is perfect for times when your skin feels dry, tired, and damaged—which, for me, is pretty much all the time, natch.

What Does It Actually Feel Like?

Before I lay on the treatment bed, Duquessa’s cosmetic nurse practitioner, Katherine Millar-Shannon, advised that the vitamin drip she was about to connect to my arm would feel a little cold. After a quick prick with the needle, I hardly noticed the change in sensation (largely thanks to a heat pad), and it was surprisingly easy to relax and enjoy the Omnilux light treatment.

Katherine also advised me that everyone’s body reacts differently to the IV boost. Some people feel sleepy and reap the benefits the following day, whereas others feel immediately rejuvenated and are bouncing with energy as soon as they leave the studio. For me, it was the latter. I grabbed an apple, mint and ginger juice, and bounded off to enjoy the rest of my pepped-up Saturday.

The skincare double-whammy took around 30 minutes, however I’d recommend allocating an hour to your session, so that you can fill the consultant in on your medical history and skin needs, and relax with a snack to boost your energy levels afterwards.

Did I See A Difference?

Immediately after the treatment, my skin looked and felt much more plump and soft, thanks to the combination of the IV vitamin treatment, the Omnilux session, and a vitamin B and C serum that had been applied directly after. I headed back out onto the high street with no foundation, feeling confident, fresh faced and full of energy.

The next day, my skin definitely looked brighter than it had a few days earlier, and I was surprised that I didn’t feel as run-down as I expected. Never mind boosting your beauty regime, IV vitamin drips are totally worth it for the health and wellness impact alone! I looked better, I felt better, and I was already dreaming about locking in my next session.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of It?

Like anything involving skin, it will always be at its healthiest and best-looking when you are eating well, sleeping well, and looking after yourself. Booking in for IV vitamin therapy, then heading out on a three-day bender involving booze, cheeseburgers and sleeping with your make-up on isn’t the best choice.

If you’re looking to polish up for an event, locking in an IV vitamin therapy and Omnilux session around 24 hours before the big day should suffice, just remember to exfoliate the night before, then cleanse, tone and moisturise as usual.

Duquessa is set to bring its IV treatments to Sydney’s Shangri La Hotel on 9 and 10 August, before opening a permanent Sydney space in September. Check out our business listing for Duquessa in Melbourne, and use our directory to find similar salons in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Auckland.

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