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Cop A Brain Freeze, Victoria’s 12-Annual Ice Cream Festival Returns This February

By Rick Stephens
30th Jan 2021

What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold. If Outkast lyrics were anything to go by, then Victoria’s 12-day ice cream festival is the place to be chilling (sorry) this summer.

It takes place in stages across three venues, The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Mornington Peninsula Chocolaterie, where each venue will churn 12 new flavours out each day.

In total, that’s 144 exclusive flavours, many of which have been inspired by famous cocktails and pastries and cakes—where possible, the ice cream artisans will be using ingredients from the chocolaterie’s own garden, too.

Listing all 144 flavours would surely induce a brainfreeze, so we won’t, though punters should keep an eye out for highlights such as Spiced Negroni and Yuzu Whisky Sour, French Opera Cake, Turkish Delight Pavlova and Charcoal Cherry Ripe—there’s even a Star Wars-themed ice cream, too.

Ice cream aficionados can also take part in a guided ice cream tasting, where you’ll taste 12 different flavours then make your own—choosing from 50 ingredients—at the end of the session. 

The ice cream festival runs from Wednesday 10 February to Sunday 21 February. Find out more here.

Plenty happening around the grounds in Melbourne, like this weekly street party courtesy of 3 Ravens Brewery.

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