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Here’s Exactly Why You Need To Buy A Ticket To Australia’s Largest Virtual Dinner

By Ben Tyers
25th Sep 2020

To my fellow Victorians,

It’s fair to say 2020 has been a rough one for our fair state, and especially for the wider population of Melbourne that has been relegated to staring at four walls for most of the year.

In a recent chat with a fellow Melburnian, they referred to lockdown as “a starvation”. A starvation of contact, even if you happen to live with other people.

2020 has also seen us starved of the great events we’re used to in Melbourne.

No attending games at the MCG, no lining up at the Night Noodle Markets, no kick ons, no eating and drinking all around town at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, no late nights/early mornings at Revs, no gigs at The Forum, no fish and chips on the St Kilda foreshore, no trips to the Yarra Valley, Heathcote, or Red Hill for bulk wines with friends, no rooftop beers on a 15°C day, no all-day raves in a West Footscray back street.

Despite missing out on all of this, Melbourne has forged on. We’ve supported our favourite cafes and restaurants by ordering ready-made meals that we can dine on at home, we’ve ordered their merchandise to wear around our 5km radius, and every day, at 11am—or after midday on a really bad news day—we’ve tuned into the Premier’s press conferences to see if the North Face jacket is getting a run.

Things are on the up. Soon we’ll be reunited with our friends and family that we’ve only seen on screen of late, and Melbourne will open with outdoor dining plans that will re-energise and bring life back to the city.

But before that happens, before we get to visit our favourite restaurant that’s been out of our 5km radius reach, we’re putting on a dinner party. A dinner party that will be Australia’s largest virtual degustation.

If lockdown is a starvation, Isolation Degustation is anything but.

To celebrate Melburnians, and as a way of getting us all to connect again, we’re putting on an epic four-course dinner. And I’m inviting you to be a part of it. To be a part of a chance to reconnect with the rest of Australia. People Sydney and Brisbane will have a chance to share a meal with their Melbourne based families, friends, and co-workers. Something that hasn’t been able to happen for the better part of the year.

Everything you need for this enormous virtual dinner will be delivered directly to your door. All you’ll have to do is a bit of reheating, and enjoy a meal that’s been curated by some of Australia’s best chefs with hundreds of other people from around Australia at the same time.

Saturday 17 October will be a big one. By jumping into what will be Australia’s largest virtual dinner, you’ll get so much more than a meal. There will be a video stream of entertainment, and you’ll hear from the chefs on how the meals all came together, and learn about the Victorian, and Australian produce that has been used to create this epic meal.

To bring this unmissable and unique dining experience to life, we’ve partnered with some of the best including Gathar, the team who will deliver the deliciousness to your door; Fromager d’Affinois cheeses and Australian Avocados for the freshest and tastiest produce; and Fed Square for some lively, laugh-out-loud entertainment throughout the night. 

As well, for Australia’s first carbon-neutral accredited telco Belong, this dinner is a symbolic reminder that we have the power to do better together, and as we get back to our lives we should do so more consciously.

Melburnians haven’t had a lot to look forward to, but Isolation Degustation is something you can mark in your calendar now and get excited for.

Read on for the details here.

Kick ons are at your discretion.

Ben Tyers
Urban List Editor, Melbourne

Image credit: Jay Wennington

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