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Makeup Artists Who Take It To The Next Level

By Nathan Santamaria
25th Oct 2016

extreme makeup

I’m not usually one for makeup, (the only time I’ve worn any was when I was a kid and my sisters decided to play ‘Let’s Turn Him Into a Girl’…) but if I were to get done up then I would definitely be heading to one of these artists to volunteer as their human canvas. Plus with Halloween just around the corner, it might pay off to start looking at costume alternatives too! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for this year’s Halloween (and fancy yourself not too shabby with a makeup brush) or you just want to see an Instagrammer turn herself into Dory, then check out these makeup artists who are really taking it to the next level.


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Lucia Pittalis

Lucia takes celebrity makeup quite literally. Most people want their contouring on point with Kim K’s (I have no idea what that means) but I’d rather get done up as Captain Jack Sparrow, or James Bond or even Rambo. Lucia’s Instagram is full of her turning herself into celebrity characters like Meryl Streep, Walter White, and even the Queen. And they’re not cartoonish either, this is the real deal! People at my Halloween party will think I’m Johnny Depp.

Kay Pike

Odds are you’ve probably seen Kay Pike pop up on social media already. She’s the artist who does the full body paint transformations into comic book and cartoon characters (and they are awesome!). The amount of time and effort she puts into her work is incredible and it really shows in her YouTube videos and live streams. Definitely an awesome idea for a Halloween costume alternative! If you have the patience and the talent and all the body paint… Maybe I’ll just buy a cheap Batman costume online…


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Mimi Choi

This girl will literally blow your mind. Her psychedelic makeup works are like optical illusions. She can give herself four eyes or make her face into a weird jigsaw and they’re so realistic that you often have to take a second look, especially if you’re just mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed. If you can pull this off (which I most definitely can not) then you’re sure to give your friends a bit of a mind f**k.

Argenis Pinal

In the same kind of style as Kay, Argenis Pinal is a body painter and makeup artist who does a lot of cosplay. He mostly does comic book characters and his full body paint works are really awesome; he has the cel shading graphic style down pat. Scroll through his Instagram and you’ll see him turning himself into (sometimes female) comic book characters, anime characters, and even Pokémon! As much as I’d like to be Pikachu though I think this is a bit beyond me.


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I almost skipped over Chrisspy when I was perusing through Instagrams more eccentric makeup artists. She mostly posts your typical makeup shots and selfies (which are cool and all but not really what we’re looking for), but if you scroll through a bit you’ll find some really cool posts! If you want to see her turn herself into Dory or Pikachu then its probably better to head over to her YouTube rather than Instagram. She has heaps of videos of makeup transformations into different characters, including a Star Wars one (which is always a pretty awesome if I do say so!).


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Patrick Starrr

This. Guy. Is. Awesome. Aside from the fact that his makeup transformations make him pretty much unrecognizable (just casually swap genders for the night!), he is also the funniest and most energetic person to watch while he’s doing it! He believes that it’s totally fine for guys to wear makeup and that makeup is an art and has the power to bring out individuality and confidence. Downright inspirational stuff Patrick, right on! 


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Cameron Pulido

Just like Patrick, Cameron is another guy who absolutely rocks his makeup. He does your ‘typical’ makeup tutorials but also does some more funky posts every now and then. If you’re looking for some tips on how to get that perfect foundation or you want to turn yourself into the Joker, then definitely give this guy a follow.

Laura Jenkinson

You’ll struggle to find a cartoon character that Laura hasn’t drawn onto her chin. From Ren and Stimpy to Wile E. Coyote, Laura turns her face into a canvas for the cutest little characters. She also does a lot of non-cartoon lip and eye makeup that’s incredible to look at too. Some of her stuff is a bit trippy and some is downright artistic but all her art is super fun and colourful. For a more subtle Halloween accessory check out her chin artwork!


A photo posted by Tal Peleg (@tal_peleg) on

Tal Peleg

There’s much more than meets the eye with Tal (pun totally intended). Seriously though, the stuff she does with her eyeliner is basically art. The amount of detail in her work, especially in such a small space, is incredible. She decorates her eyes with scenes from movies like Lady and the Tramp or Alice in wonderland (and its super realistic). She also does funky patterns and designs too!

Image Credit: Argenis Pinal

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