9 Super Zen Places To Meditate In Melbourne

By Emma Maidment
4th Jul 2018


As far as health trends go, meditation is basically the new kale (in case you're wondering, kale was the new Juice Cleanse). Everyone from billionaires to celebrities swears by mediation as their secret for success, and just 10-minutes of Zen Time each day has been proven to have a huge effect on your headspace. Along with the rise of yoga, Melbournians have embraced this practice big time, with meditation studios and classes popping up all over town.

We’ve put together our list of top pics for getting your Zen on in Melbourne.



Yoga8 is a multi-disciplinary yoga studio, suitable for yogis of all levels (and toe-touching abilities). They offer a bunch of different yoga style, including Hatha Flow, Hot Hatha, Jivamukti (similar to Vinyasa) and Bikram. Pro tip: check out the weekly meditation offerings with Irene Ais and Josh Blau. Tuesday and Thursday nights. You'll

Warrior One


Mordialloc is the second studio from the Warrior One crew, bringing yogi vibes bayside. They offer a free weekly community meditation class every Sunday at 8.30am. Early morning bayside bike rides and meditation, could get be any better?

Garden Of Yoga


This newly renovated spot is doing something a bit different when it comes to mediation. They're actually blending ancient meditation techniques with cutting-edge modern tech. We;re talking colour, audio and suspension in antigravity aerial yoga hammocks for an experience that involves all the senses. Yup, really. Head to their website for scheduling details.



If traditional meditation is more your jam, then check out Rigpa on Sydney Rd in Brunswick. They offer traditional Tibetan meditation plus a heap of different courses and classes, all done with traditional flare. Spend some time browsing the full schedule—there's lots of weekly classes and workshops to check out.

Happy Melon


Making melons happy since 2015, Happy Melon has a daily meditation class schedule, with options for seated meditation sessions or specific relaxation techniques. Check out Sean Lingen's class on a Sunday at 4pm—his voice will take you to bliss town and you won’t want to come back. The perfect end to a busy weekend.

Kaya Health Clubs

Prahran & CBD

Kaya is a swish-hot health club, offering everything from yoga and pilates to group fitness and (now) meditation. You’ll find these Zen sessions on the schedule a couple of times every week, usually directly after a yoga class. Stretch the body and expand the mind at both their Prahran and CBD locations.

Beyond Rest


Take your float tank experience to the next level with a guided meditation, played through the water while you float. Beyond Rest has teamed up with local meditation teacher Al Jeffery to create a truly unique meditation experience, and it's definitely worth a crack. They also do a super relaxing Anja Light Session—basically you lie down on a couch, headphones in, and close your eyes. Above your head is a powerful strobe, which blitzkriegs your retinas for the next half hour.

A — Space


The Northside go-to for all things meditation and mindful living. A — Space offers daily meditation classes plus courses and workshops on incorporating mindfulness into creativity and relationships. It’s your one-stop shop for learning how to live better. A very good pick for cautious newbies. 

Radiant Sol

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne’s very own Radiant Sol offers a Sunday evening Mindfulness class as well as a Thursday evening community Meditation class. Score! If you’re more of a Yin person, check out Josh Blaus Yin + Meditation class on a Tuesday night. We've tried it, and it was bloody great. 

Can’t get to a class?

Don’t worry, technology’s got you sorted. Check out Melbourne-born 1Giant Mind and their free meditation app. If you want to dive even deeper, Tami Roos runs a 6-week meditation mindset course, all online, designed to give you the tools to meditate anywhere, anytime. 

Image credit: Brooke Holm

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